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-## FairCoop Public Filestore (owncloud)+## FairCoop Public Filestore (nextcloud) 
 +**New link to all folders** (valid from 1AUG2018): https://​fairkom.net/​owncloud/​index.php/​s/​cimmdzbednyMyFK 
 +Links blow are invalid, please somebody should re-assign:
 **[[https://​fairkom.net/​owncloud/​index.php/​s/​5BZCcwkHZNPgrPB?​path=%2FBotC|Bank of the Commons]]** **[[https://​fairkom.net/​owncloud/​index.php/​s/​5BZCcwkHZNPgrPB?​path=%2FBotC|Bank of the Commons]]**