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 +### Who runs the cooperatively validated nodes
 +If you are active in the FairCoop network you are kindly invited to run a CVN.  The CVNs collaboratively sign to legitimize the next block creator. More technically,​ they don't sign any following block except the next CVN ID.
 +Candidates should fill out the //​[[https://​ocp.freedomcoop.eu/​joinaproject/​faircoin2-cvn-operators/​|application form]]//. Your wallet should be online 24/7 and you should have read the //​[[https://​chain.fair-coin.org/​download/​FairCoin2-white-paper-V1.1.pdf|FairCoin White Paper]]//. More information about technical and socio-political preconditions to run a CVN can be found //​[[https://​github.com/​faircoin/​faircoin/​blob/​faircoin2/​doc/​CVN-operators-guide.md|here]]//​. If you would like to run a CVN you can also send an email to cvn@fair-coin.org