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 +### Where and when does the assembly meet
 +Currently, the FairCoop assembly meets every month on the 3rd Thursday by chatting on Telegram in the [[https://​t.me/​joinchat/​B0S3OkT5VcP-PazMNoNdaA|FairCoop Assembly Group]] mirrored to fairchat (which offers an automatic translation). Here is a [[en:​communication:​chat_groups:​start|list of all chat groups]]. Send a message to coop@fair.coop , if you would like to join. Due to banning of Telegram in some coutries (Iran, Russia) we are mirroring some chat channels to fairchat, which is a self-hosted service. Announcements of changes to the time or place of the Assembly are being published in the FairCoop website. Important decisions could be stored in the blockchain as short text documents. In future, we might even show them in wallets too.