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 +### What happens if a CVN fails 
 +We have three parameters that determine which CVN ID should create the next block.
 +1. The order (which one has created its last block the furthest in the past)
 +2. The time since the last block in the blockchain
 +3. The mean number of signatures contributed to each block since 10 blocks
 +Each CVN has got 60 seconds to actually create its block. This time span is dynamically adjustable and is called: Block spacing grace period. ​ If a CVN did not make it then the next in the line has to create a block and the one that failed to create its block is skipped.
 +If a CVN failed to create enough partial signatures within the last 10 block (dynamic parameter: Blocks to consider for signature check) it is also skipped until it has co-signed enough blocks.
 +As you see, Proof-of-Cooperation is much more than just a simple round-robin system.