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-Welcome ​Area +Orientation ​Area 
-This area is for give great welcome ​to newcomes+The Orientation Area is where we coordinate work that aim to help newcomers to the ecosystem and increase the awareness of people in the ecosystem about the ecosystem.  
 +We have four subareas: 
 +  * [[Support]] focuses on helping the community to provide help to each other 
 +  * [[Documentation]] helps to prepare tutorial, FAQs and other materials that can be used in Support 
 +  * [[Learning]] focuses on developing our area internal awareness and understanding of the ecosystem we aim to build 
 +  * [[Education]] organises workshops that help raise the awareness and understanding ​for people in the ecosystem 
 +The Orientation Area is part of the [[en:​open_coop_work:​start|Open Coop Work]], where we collaborate and build an organized workflow in the FairCoop ecosystem to be able to log our time contributions and participate in monthly value distribution. 
 +These are the tasks that are currently eligible for such compensation:​ 
 +  * [[Giving special attention ​to welcoming people]] 
 +  * [[Preparing and hosting video introduction calls]] 
 +  * [[Developing tutorials for different tools of the ecosystem]] 
 +  * [[Preparing and hosting area internal learning workshops]] 
 +If you like to participate in these tasks, make sure you join the Orientation Area [[https://​board.net/​p/​welcome_support_education_humancares|Telegram Group]] and coordinate your work with the rest of the group.
 ## Contact ## Contact
-  * [[https://​board.net/​p/​welcome_support_education_humancares|Telegram Group]]+[[https://​board.net/​p/​welcome_support_education_humancares|Orientation Area Telegram Group]]
-## Documents +[[https://​forum.fair.coop/​t/​needs-welcome-area/​367/​3|Orientation Area Needs (Forum)]]
-  * [[en:​welcome_area:​Assemblies:]]+
-## Subareas + 
-  * [[Education subarea]] +## Documents 
-  * [[Learning subarea]]+  ​* **[[en:​welcome_area:​Orientation Area Assembly Minutes:]]** 
 +  * [[en:​welcome_area:​Trust Protocol:]] for assuming responsibilities 
 +  * Welcome support education human care https://​board.net/​p/​welcome_support_education_humancares
 ## Project Manager ​ ## Project Manager ​
   * [[http://​ocp.freedomcoop.eu/​work/​process-logging/​27/​|OCP]]   * [[http://​ocp.freedomcoop.eu/​work/​process-logging/​27/​|OCP]]
   * [[https://​git.fairkom.net/​faircoop/​WelcomeSupportHumanCares|Gitlab]]   * [[https://​git.fairkom.net/​faircoop/​WelcomeSupportHumanCares|Gitlab]]