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Welcome to FairCoop!

Hello! 😄 this document is a brief introduction to what FairCoop's ecosystem is about, how it operates, how it is organized, how we work together and communicate and how you can best get involved. Everybody who embraces FairCoop's values may participate freely and cooperate, but please, do take some time and read this guide carefully beforehand. In the meantime, don't hesitate to ask us any question in the Telegram group (in English).

A global movement of people who are in the process of setting up a self-managed, cooperative, supportive, ecological and autonomous socioeconomic ecosystem. We together aim to transition to alternative models of organization that are just and equitable. We encourage the use of FairCoin as social currency and as a value reserve of the FairCoop ecosystem. FairCoin is a digital currency that we aim to be fair, ecological, decentralized, and supportive of the common good. Also technically, FairCoin uses an ecological blockchain based on cooperation instead of competition.

Our main website is which you will find in the following languages: Bosanski, Català, Hrvatski, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Ελληνικά, Italiano, Kurdî, Српски, Português, Português (br), Esperanto, Magyar, Română

There is a LOT of information on the projects and tools we share and are continuing to build. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by so much content, new tools and new concepts which you may not understand perfectly at first. But don't worry, we are here to help you! Just ask us any question in the Telegram group.

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FairCoop is rooted in its global network of local nodes where we meet face to face to work together at the local level. Check the list of FairCoop local nodes to see if there already exists such a local group near you. If there is no local group near you yet, you may someday want to create a new FairCoop local node in your local area.

We all collaborate globally in many online working groups and assemblies. Even if you are not yet participating in a local node, you can join us to work together online. Coming from different parts of the world, participants are organized in federated open groups that focus on many different subjects: Consult the list of FairCoop Telegram groups and join whatever interests you.

  • Currency
    FairCoin is the cryptocoin on which we base our economic system.
  • Point of exchange
    getFairCoin is FairCoop's service where you can buy FairCoin online and works together with local points of exchange.
  • Global directory
    useFairCoin is a directory of places where you can use FairCoin.
  • Self-employed aid
    FreedomCoop is a Europe-wide cooperative serving self-employed people, linked to FairCoop.
  • POS with prepaid cards
    FairPay is a monetary toolkit that facilitates the connection of FairCoin and trading at the Point of Sale.
  • Online shops
    FairMarket is an online shop platform where you can get or offer products and services using FairCoin.
  • Multicurrency wallet
    Bank of the Commons is a developing financial tool offering a multicurrency wallet that enables you to exchange various currencies.
  • Savings
    FairSavings is a safe and ethical savings service linked to FairCoop.
  • Local groups
    Local Nodes introduce new people to the ecosystem, take care of local members' and groups' needs.
  • Contributing work
    Open Coop Work is a global, horizontal, consensus based tool used for developing FairCoop.
  • Crowdfunding
    CoopFunding is a crowdfunding platform providing funding for collective projects not based on a usual competitive mindset.

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Well, that's it for now… ! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us via the different Telegram groups or by writing an email at the following e-mail address

We are at your disposal ;)