This software is a fork from NRP-Sensorica and was considered on May 2016 to be used for FreedomCoop

Is a Value Network Accounting. Is in developing state and we are using it.

We are developing something analogous to an ERP system for value networks. Might call it NRP for Network Resource Planning or OCP for Open Collaborative Platform.

  • sqlite - postgreSQL
  • Apache
  • Linux
  • python, django,
  • pinax framework
  • bootstrap

- Pros:

  1. We are using
  2. We have some developers
  3. API

- Cont:

  1. The installed version cannot replicate
  2. We are developing


Basic characteristics we need

  • Task Management: YES
    • Subtasks: NO
  • Time Tracking: YES
    • Several users can tracking the task: YES
  • Discussing: YES
  • Kanban Board: YES
    • Editables columns (specially first column like backlog): NO
    • Can change the state inside the kanban board: NO
    • Colors: NO
    • Categories: NO
  • Projects view search: YES
    • Form or something to add any public project: YES
    • Project Templates to duplicate or different workflows: YES
  • Roles (privacy when its need): YES
    • Don't remove time track by users (only owner): NO
    • Several timing and individual account on tickets: NO
    • Validate task from other users: NO


  • Scrum: NO
  • Gantt: NO

Other characteristics

I can't found any third party, review, sorry.

On Open Cooperative Work we use like a project manager and task accounting. On FreedomCoop it's just used as a thread message(Cooperative feedback page) between users and admins to ask for invoices created manually (an improvement for the semiautomatization of invoice management is being implemented now in