Analysis of tools used in FairCOOP

(2018)This report aims to better understand the tools used within the ecosystem with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If any of these tools is demonstrated to be essential, in my opinion (Al-Demon) we should enable a version of their own and controlled by the Tech Assembly without using external services.

(2019) An upgrade of the previous situation is taking place, heading to a distributed system (still in progress), decentralising Tech assembly functions in order to allow hardware, software and humanware to get along well together and optimize services and developing.

Software analysed:

  1. Drupal No more used
  2. Wordpress Still used
  3. ODOO in FM version 12 is used
  4. Telegram still used, despite once in a while someone comes with great ideas regarding alternative
  5. RocketChat not fully implemented though used, some Telegram group are bridged to Fairchat
  6. Discourse used
  7. NextCloud used, together with owncloud, descentralised in fairkom
  8. Etherpad descentralised in fairkom
  9. Ethercalc descentralised in fairkom
  10. WebCalendar descentralised in fairkom
  11. ValueNetwork used as Agent and Shroom
  12. ERPnext used as Shroom roots ( even though mushrooms have spores, not roots :)

NB, a category to evaluate electric consumption is missing, we just couldn't gather enough information.

Fields to be completed: - SOFTWARE: [ Name of installed software ]

  1. UPDATE: [ If is update the software and when ]
  2. PLUGINS/MODULES: [ Can we use modules separated about core source code ]
  3. DECENTRALIZED: [ If we can federate servers or sync backups ]
  4. DISTRIBUTED: [ If is a p2p tool ]
  5. CONSUMPTION: [ How energy consumption related normal tool ]
  6. KISS: [ Keep It Simple Stupid - One tool for one purpose ]
  7. DOCUMENTATION: [ If there good documentation with public access ]
  8. 4 FREEDOMS FS: [ If we liberate the code we change on modules ]
  9. COVER NEEDS: [ If now is covering our needs ]
  10. CONTROL VERSION: [ If we have a control system with almost 3 versions develop-testing-production ]

NB Value numbers representing quality and good practices related to software are assigned next to the domain (where? in report?)… bear in mind that this analysis is extremely experimental and needs to improve both in methodology than in documentation.

Further analysis