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 ## Used in FairCOOP in ## Used in FairCOOP in
-  * [[education.fair.coop]] (encosianima) +  * [[http://education.fair.coop ​| education.fair.coop]] (maintainer: ​encosianima)
-  * [[2017.fair.coop]] (encosianima ​Moki)+
-  * [[https://​ipp.earth|ipp.earth]] ​+  ​* [[http://​2017.fair.coop | 2017.fair.coop]] (maintainers:​ encosianima,​ Moki) 
 +  ​* [[https://​ipp.earth|ipp.earth]] ​not sure what it is and if it is maintained :D
 ## How to use it ## How to use it
-  * Currentlythere is No methodology maintenance ​and development+  * [[http://​education.fair.coop | education.fair.coop]] has a repo here: https://​git.fairkom.net/​faircoop/​Tech/​FairCoopSites/​fc_school_and_education and once fairkom will support itit will take advantage of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), becoming a gitlab page.  
-  * We should review both the system developmentattempt to separate the content ​of the code as much as possible and good if we had a framework k to separate the text of the code in html5, many websites could be static, since their changes are minimal.+  * [[http://​2017.fair.coop | 2017.fair.coop]] is a static version of old fair.coop websitewith most of the docs available ​as static ​pages and all archives available as .zip