FairCoop wiki

This manual is a little help to understand how is working this wiki for the users can be edit and create new pages… This manual is based in dokuwiki official manual and you can review for more information here.

Dokuwiki is the free/open software what is based “FairCoop wiki”, for that we can edit using simple syntax and with markdown language this pages to go deeply in FairCoop ecosystem.

The main idea is order and create a good documentation with transparency all our work in FairCoop because is so important to us what you can understand and join us. If you prefer to understand what is a wiki in video you can go here. Official manual

As the official manual of which we have the link above is quite good we are going to central this manual in the special features of our version https://wiki.fair.coop


Our ecosystem aims to unify in a single registry for all the applications and for this we are using a keylogging system based on keycloak now thanks to the Fairkom colleagues. Therefore to register and log in, the best is to click on the Keycloack button and use or review the registration manual through that application “login.fair.coop” currently fairlogin