Create a post and other amenities when editing a Grav blog

Grav is a free/libre software for flat Content Management System we've chosen for our website and blog. More info:

To login on our main website as an editor for both publishing and/or translating post already published use the following link:

Credentials needed to publish (user and password) can be asked in Contents and/or Grav Website group.

Once logged, you'll find yourself in the dashboard environment:


  • From the dashboard enter to Pages (on the left column) then in Blog (click on “+” to see the drop-down menu.)

  • On the top right you'll find the [+Add] button and be aware of the language selected because that will be the one showing when no other translation is available. It's worthy to bear in mind that every post should be published in English and then each one of the translations will follow.

Just fill in all in required fields:

  • Page title
  • Folder Name is automatically filled in from the title, you may want to change it
  • Parent Page: You need to change to →(blog) Blog (for a blog post)
  • Page Template: You need to change to Item (for a blog post)
  • And then just click on Continue

Once a page is opened just fill in main fields needed to Post:

  • Title
  • Text description box: where the content of the post is placed

After having insert text is mandatory to “save” mainly because uploading images is not allowed until the text is saved and Page Media box is visible, when you can easily “Drop your files here or click in this area”. Here you can define: * Main Image * Thumbnail Image: If you want a different image for thumbnail from main you can put select here from. * Text inside the main image

While right below is possible to add up a Summary (just in case you don't want to use an automatic one)

Important! you can set the date from Options tab, useful if publishing an old item, for example:

Now the post completed in the first language, usually English, as mentioned above.


For translations just open post to translate and write over it then save as picking up from the Arrow down menu on right-top, in the chosen language selecting from different Options. PS this part is fairly important, focus on which language you are saving to.

Grav allows you to manage SEO from the corresponding tab:

(this paragraph is clearly under construction but we're working on it)