In-progress dev projects

We are all moved by hacker's ethic (one of the FairCoop principle) as well as we all strongly believe in open source accordingly. Beyond a personal choice of most of the people involved in Tech area, that was an agreement we discussed and approved in Assemblies and therefore we strictly follow a few basic patterns. The ideal development takes place in git, where code can be shared allowing full collaboration within the community, with the source open to anyone. NB the following is not completed list:

Anyone is welcome to add up his/her own project and repo.

The tech area oversees various projects, amongst them Fair.Coop website and sysadmins task. Each one of the projects was classified following this form:

Blog Fair Coop obsolete

Calendar Main Website



Forum Fair Coop

OCP/OCE Development

Use Fair Coin


Invoices for FreedomCoop obsolete

Stats tool for Faircoop



This project is for create and organize the wiki project trying to use our methodology

Project of the FairCoop opensource wallet

To talk and work about technical issues/features about our tool to provide us with some stats without using google and third providers.