In-progress dev projects

We are all moved by hacker's ethic (one of the FairCoop principle) as well as we all strongly believe in open source accordingly. Beyond a personal choice of most of the people involved in Tech area, that was an agreement we discussed and approved in Assemblies and therefore we strictly follow a few basic patterns. The ideal development takes place in git, where code can be shared allowing full collaboration within the community, with the source open to anyone. NB the following is not completed list:

Anyone is welcome to add up his/her own project and repo.

The tech area oversees various projects, amongst them Fair.Coop website and sysadmins task. Each one of the projects was classified following this form. Main Website


Fairmarket is an online market (based on Odoo 12[]) which allows purchasing products and services through faircoin transactions. After having signed up, you can choose to be a buyer and also to request a shop, and this, in turn, will allow you to place items for sale. There's currently an admin team, which does support in various languages in connection with the contents and translations team, a tech and development side done currently by Santi, and overseen by the Circular Economy area (CE). The latter has the wider task of linking us to the economies and people/projects around us, and to other apps and platforms in the FairCoop ecosystem that also do listings, categorising and exchange of products and services. This task is carried out by the Interoperability Group. Our long term aim is to make it very simple for an empowered group of prosumers to not only use but agree the ethics and dynamics of this cooperatively run virtual market.

Fairmarket team - doing support in 4 languages, maintenance, developing new features, and administering the website.

A group for developers, administrators, facilitators, testers, users or interested people wanting to take on tasks in OCP development, support, project facilitation, architecture development. There are 2 technical paths: OCP django app, and a new React UI on the OCP backend.

Project to keep track of the migration and issues

Single-Sign-On with fairkom's fairlogin service.

To talk and work about technical issues/features about the and discourse for faircoop.

To talk and work about technical issues/features about the and this drupal version for faircoop.

This is the project to follow track of the status of FreedoomCoop App to create invoices for members.

Kispagi (it means to pay with kisses in Esperanto) is the app to do the payment distribution for Faircoop. It is free open source and here we can add the issues and improvements within the FairCoop ecosystem.

This project is for create and organize the wiki project trying to use our methodology

Project of the FairCoop opensource wallet

To talk and work about technical issues/features about our tool to provide us with some stats without using google and third providers.