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 ## Tech Area ## Tech Area
-The tech area oversees various projects, amongst them Fair.Coop website and sysadmins task.  +Each one of the following ​projects was classified following [[en:​tech:​software-developing:​this_form|this form]] ​in 2018, I (encosianima) update info recently:
-Each one of the projects was classified following [[en:​tech:​software-developing:​this_form|this form]]:+
 [[Blog on Drupal]] obsolete [[Blog on Drupal]] obsolete
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 [[Calendar]] (unmaintained) [[Calendar]] (unmaintained)
-[[FairCoop Grav Website]] (encosianima, ​chriss ​& Moki, basic maintaining)  ​+[[FairCoop Grav Website]] (encosianima, ​Chris & Moki, basic maintaining)  ​
 [[Fairlogin]] (fairkom) [[Fairlogin]] (fairkom)
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 [[Fairmarket]] (Santi, Cuba crew?) [[Fairmarket]] (Santi, Cuba crew?)
-[[Forum]] (unmantained)+[[Forum]] (unmaintained)
 [[Oce/OCP]] (bumbum) [[Oce/OCP]] (bumbum)
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 [[UseFairCoin]] (Rama) [[UseFairCoin]] (Rama)
-[[Kispagi]] ( unmaitained)+[[Kispagi]] (unmaintained)
 [[Invoices]] ​ [[Invoices]] ​
-[[Stats Tool]] ​+[[Stats Tool]] ​(piwik I'd say unmaintained
-[[Wallet]] well, it never existed)+[[Wallet]] ​(well, it never existed)
 [[Wiki]] ( encosianima,​ Chris & Moki, basic maintaining) ​ [[Wiki]] ( encosianima,​ Chris & Moki, basic maintaining) ​