With the EOL of use.fair-coin.org announced in tech meeting 3JAN2019 we are investigating alternatives.
Tech assembly: https://board.net/p/January_3_19Tech_assembly
UFC status report: https://board.net/p/ufc-status-20181229

Wish List

  • quick solution
  • compatible with what we have (market?)
  • single-sign-on



this is the layer for FairCoin only: https://mapo.komun.org/sub/faircoin/ - could be embedded a iframe (quick and dirty)

Transition Connect


a lot of effort has been put into taxonomy declarations, unfortunately the project is not easy to use or fork as of summer 2018

mapping for good

https://kartevonmorgen.org/ use language chooser top right for EN
several layers, we could ask for a FairCoin tag