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-ROAD MAP for TECH+Road map for Tech area 
 +(it depends on points of view, but a roadmap is more practical than theoretical:​ short, medium or long terms are constructs and involves both experiences and knowledge, so let's take it easy and keep hacking) ​   ​
-## Short time Goals+All goals below were set up on December 2017:
-  ​Finish the wiki pages with all our project in course  +* **Short time goals** ​
-    ​Add tech admin for each admin +
-    ​Add Last report for needs and work done+
-  * Communication campaign to ask for needs + 1. A wiki page with all our projects (upgrading the page started last year)
-  * Searching for new developers+
 + 2. upgrade roadmap with regular reports (not sure if roadmap refers to tech roadmap or what :)   
-## Medium time Goals+ 3. A communication campaign to ask for needs (doing, started in early 2019 and taking care of all users :)
-  * We have mantainers for all projects 
-  * Complete issues system messages working properly 
 +* **Medium time Goals**
-## Long time Goals+1. Open project to more than one maintainer for all projects ( well, have a maintainer would be a big achievement,​ after this first step, we'll go for the team) 
 +2. Work exclusively with issues tracker ( gradually doing it, but it's mandatory having a maintainer following a tracker, isn't it?)
-  ​All project ​are resilent ​and descentralized without servers+ 
 +That below, supposed to be the long term goal is being implemented right now 
 +1. Projects resilient with a decentralised server system; a further few steps need to be taken and actually different services ​are already distributed last bit to be carried out is the main FairCoop server functions ​and relative roles.