Faircoop Free Software Develop Method

We use a git system to synchronize the work when somebody are working together.

Now we are using github, gitlab group faircoop and gitlab group FairCoin (gitlab hosted by fairkom).

Structure of Coding in git

  • Master
  • Release
  • Develop
  • Feature

To create a pull request you should create a new branch from master or develop, called feature/nameofthefeature

Implement feature and unit test and make a pull request after the pull request is accepted we merge the branch on develop and if unit/integration test passes it goes to release

We want to use three different environments with the same hardware to use, test and develop our software.

  • Developing (using a develop version of the software, testing and develop the new features).
  • Testing version (using the last release with a new feature)
  • Production (stable last release)