FairCoop Free-Software Devs Style

A git-based system is used to work on source code/open projects to synchronize all different contributions.

Besides github, a dedicated gitlab is hosted byfairkom, whereFairCoop group and FairCoin group operate.

Structure of Coding in git

  • Master
  • Release
  • Develop
  • Feature

To create a pull request a new branch from the master or develop need to be created and named accordingly feature/nameofthefeature

To implement a new feature, after the pull request is accepted is merged in the develop branch on and if unit/integration test passes it goes to release.

We made an attempt to apply the three different environments methodology with Fair.coop, so that FC website, hosted in faircoop server, was used to test and develop Grav based website.

That should have worked this way:

  • Developing (using a develop version of the software, testing and develop the new features).
  • Testing version (beta testing the last release with a new feature)
  • Production (stable last release)

Even if fair.coop can't be considered a stable release (still fixed need to be applied, especially with the blog) it was a nice attempt and we still believe in this methodology.