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-Currently there are a couple of possibilities ​for local nodes that want to get a hosting and a subdomain:+### Websites ​for all 
-* If you have your own hosting, just ask for the subdomain ​and provide the IP of your web hosting. +Local Nodes are the vital core of the ecosystem ​and from Tech area we're constantly available ​to fully support ​themso please, ask in Tech Telegram group or to @encosianima ​(Area's facilitatorwhether the need is pressing.
-* If you still don't have hosting, but want to have one quickly or get more web support, ​you can find faircoin-paid hosting providers here:  +
-  * https://​www.qwass.com/ ​(nodes like http://​galiza.fair.coop are using their hosting support) +
-  * [Dimensis.com](https://​www.dimensis.com/​alojamiento-web-modalidades-tarifas.html) +
-  * https://​cloudvault.me/+
-* The free option is to ask tech area also for hosting spacewhich will be possible soon when the buying of a new and separate (for security reasons) VPS server gets consensed and approved. In this case, to not saturate the little time of our infrastructure sysadmins, ​local nodes should agree to have the full autonomy ​and responsability about the installation of their websites.+Currently, the possibility ​for local nodes to have their own page up and running is related to two factors:
-Local nodes should follow the Grav, Drupal and Wordpress(in case using those ones)recomendations explained ​in our [[en:​tech:​software-manuals:​software_manuals]], ​+* If you have your own hosting or using any free blog platform, just ask for a subdomain, namely sort of // your_name.fair.coop// ​in Tech area.
-A Telegram group could be created for mutual support between tech people in the local nodes and in the tech area to help local nodes setting up their websites(sftp transfers, mysql/ php errors, etc). 
 +* If you don't have hosting, but want to have one in order to have more features and support, there are a few faircoin-paid hosting providers here: 
 +  * https://​www.qwass.com/​ (nodes like http://​galiza.fair.coop are using their hosting support)
 +  * [Dimensis.com](https://​www.dimensis.com/​alojamiento-web-modalidades-tarifas.html)
 +  * https://​cloudvault.me/​
-//As noteAl-demon ​is working in a GRAV template(keeping the theme of our main [http://​fair.coop](http://​fair.coop) website) for the local nodes that want to, which will let local nodes to not worry even to install their own sites, just edit the content and go live. +NB list above is perhaps outdatedan update ​is on its way.