Currently there are a couple of possibilities for local nodes that want to get a hosting and a subdomain:

  • If you have your own hosting, just ask for the subdomain and provide the IP of your web hosting.
  • If you still don't have hosting, but want to have one quickly or get more web support, you can find faircoin-paid hosting providers here:
  • The free option is to ask tech area also for hosting space, which will be possible soon when the buying of a new and separate (for security reasons) VPS server gets consensed and approved. In this case, to not saturate the little time of our infrastructure sysadmins, local nodes should agree to have the full autonomy and responsability about the installation of their websites and should follow the Grav, Drupal and Wordpress recomendations explained in our software_manuals.

As note, Al-demon is working in a GRAV template(keeping the theme of our main website) for the local nodes that want to, which will let local nodes to not worry even to install their own sites, just edit the content and go live.