Fair Economy Gathering challenges

A collection of aspects to explore during the gathering, as brainstormed so far. This provides the large picture backdrop to the work we do as part of the FairHackathon 2019

Good ("horizon")

  • Regenerative, sustainable behaviour
  • Cooperative (vs competitive)
  • Open source spirit
  • Permacircular fair economy
  • “Money is Time” (vs time is money)
  • Bottom up economic model that is addressing needs, is based on needs of people
  • Educated, aware society
  • Organic growth
  • Worker coops, platform coops
  • shared, clear horizon
  • We work in groups, not individual, and with shared intensions, not commitment
  • Free of Theft
  • Governance for awareness of consciousness (not to create laws)
  • No order following, act requiring full information, transparency and understanding as a precondition
  • Exchange back to unfair money needs to be fair (transparency, reputation)
  • Coloring coins with different brightness based on fairpoints

Bad (the dark cloud)

  • Extractive, destructive behaviour (systemically encouraged)
  • Competitive (vs cooperative)
  • Central bank money is a tool used and designed for evil, manipulative and enslaving aims
  • “Time is money” (vs “money is time”)
  • Advertisement, dishonest and non-transparent propaganda, mind-control
  • Speciesism, racism, sexism, patriarchism, nationalism, regionalism, movementism, groupism, individualism
  • Consumer attitude
  • Bureaucracy
  • Slavery, stealing, exploitation (synonymous)
  • Laws and enforcement


  • Lack of unfair money (although we could make a lot of it by participating in the unfair game)
  • The transformation requires transition time (it is slow)
  • It could suddenly go fast and we will need to be ready
  • The time plays against us because suddenly it could be too late
  • Getting local groups going economically is hard work, transformation is difficult to start, to manifest
  • If it is not fun, it is not sustainable
  • Joy is more powerful than fear
  • People come from different realities, necessity to stay pragmatic


  • We have sparse contributors, sometimes not connected and work together well enough
  • Some people participate with different motivations that are not synergetic
  • Challenge to get the PermFairEco going
  • Consumerism, surveillance and blaming attitude of some people, instead of helping actively
  • FairEconomy onion is undefined and the onion layers lack defined meaning
  • We have value flows that are not visible in the value network (FairMarket, UseFairCoin –

    > OCP)


    No current consensus on the value of FairCoin

Exchange rate challenge

  • Target a “fairo” exchange rate that is 25-35% above market (long term future, not current market price)
  • Increase circularity
    • Shift mindset to needs
    • Survey real needs of community and merchants
    • Measure real needs (needlist and meta data)
    • Work to include offers that match needs

    * Getting back on a major exchange would be good, not bad

  • Buy price, sell price as percentage relative to Fairo


  • When is money a good tool?
  • How do we make tools more used and usable, user orientated?
  • Which tools do we (really) need and in which order/priority?
  • How to most efficiently connect offers and needs in the permFairEco?
  • Is FairCoop the core of the onion or the whole onion, accepting that people are at the layer where they are?
  • How do we make FairCoop “productive” in the sense that we can provide for a good livelihood?