Tech meeting Sept 27 2017

Ale, Alfons, Roland, Ivan, Guy, Gui Onix, G, Juanse, santi

What is left from the GA25 Part 1 and the Tech meeting 20 Sept:


Candidates for facilitators

  • @altergui can only commit to dedicate ~4 hours per week during october and november, so would do that in a task-based dynamic (no fixed income)
  • @rasobar could offers “to fill the gap” if nobody else is jumping in. He is commiting to work 80 hours per month, for 500 EUR
  • @ivanEsperantoKapis commits to work 20 hours per month for 125 EUR
  • @Onix228 is commiting to work 40 hours per month , for 250 EUR.
  • Fixed staff @santiddt (600) @cegroj (500) and @berzas (500) cost € 1600.- per month, one more needed + 500.- to maintain various services (board, gitlab, fairlogin, fairchat, …) = 2100.-
  • Sebastian Gampe @TonyFord would donate 1000 FC per month to the tech area :-) how much budget do we need then? 2100 EUR fixed staff + 1000 EUR divided between 4 facilitators = 3100 EUR per month


Notes from 25GA assembly on OCP:

Link to OCP roadmap: - looking for Python / Django developer, who is also coordinating

Bob Haugen, [28.09.17 21:02] I saw a lot about us supporting OCP, and havent read everything yet, but Lynn is now only working on the API for Kamasi (which might also be used for graphql integration) and I am only fixing bugs in process planning and logging, and helping lynn. That is all we are doing.