Tech meeting Sept 20 2017

Guy, Ivan, bernini, Roland, Ale, Enric

What is the Tech roadmap? See draft here:

Namespace proposal

discussed, adapted and no objections

Candidates for facilitators

Fixed staff @santiddt @cegroj and @berzas cost € 1400.- per month, Sebastian Gampe @TonyFord would donate 1000 FC p.m. to the tech area :-)

How much budget do we need then? 1400 + 3 facilitators + 100-200 hours tasks per month = 3800 p.m.

Issue Management:

  • gitlab projects - missing permissions etc.?
  • add most urgent tasks in gitlab

Tech facilitators:

Ale: facilitating ocp testers group, helping OCP tech tasks, documentation and usefaircoin admin. Also working on fairmarket and extension, outside of this group - so total I need is around 700, perhaps split as 500 for this and 200 for the other tasks.