FairCoop Tech Meeting

05 Sep 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

who knowsLink to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-sep-05

Al-Demon encosianima

encosianima, Al-Demon, Maro, sporos, cegroj

1.- Analysis for software involved in Faircoop, needs, resources and proposals.

I propose to read the table and put our comments and please in the assembly only we discuss to get proposals to improve the table or to solve the problems weìve seen… We can choose how to start with this work… maybe needs more time and of course more people, till now only 4-5 user has put their comments

1.1.- Table of comparative with collaborators and providers and prices if necessary - https://lite.framacalc.org/faircoop-software

1.1.1 - Fairmarket

1.1.2 getfaircoin

X.- Questions time [10 min]

Petition from tereseta…

Please, could you talk a bit abut this point for the next assembly? it's about to make claer a public document- List of external projects related to FairCoop:

  1. name of the project
  2. year of foundation
  3. members involved
  4. Since when have you collaborated with FairCoop?
  5. Developments you share/offer to FairCoop
  6. Operation mode (decision-making process, public groups, roadmap, etc)
  7. current funding channels
  8. FairCoop budget/funds used so far (for transparency purposes): OCW payments, liquidity consumed by changing fair » euros received…
  9. (…)

Example of projects: Fairkom, OCE-OCP-Agents-Kamasi, ChipChap, BankoftheCommos, Faircoin Foundation, FairBank, fairplayground, Sensórica, Komun, etc etc…

1.- Table of comparative with collaborators and providers and prices if it will be necessary - https://lite.framacalc.org/faircoop-software

Everyone is invited to make a comment on the table above, so far there were some notes we already talked about and some info regarding apps was added recently. Encosianima suggested starting with Fairmarket

1.1.1 - Fairmarket [timing - start 18:15 - finish 19:45]

Fairmarket: [https://market.fair.coop/es_ES/page/homepage]

It took us quite a lot to finally conclude we need to gather a team to work on a proposal to achieve, from the Fairmarket telegram group, and hopefully, we'll have one soon.

We had a detailed and exhaustive report by experienced users regarding all the issues with this tool and starting from this “dead end” we made an attempt to debate (NB it's worth to mention that several attempts were made in the past, unsuccessfully) solutions, in the short and in the long run.

Rama and Santi offered to make urgent fixes but also, since it emerged the main issue is odoo itself, we are considering if it's worth keeping on using it.

As said above, all those issues were discussed already and so far any proposals on possible solutions couldn't be happily carried out, still, we agree on making a further attempt, Enric suggested all discussions be moved to Fairmarket telegram group, also claiming that an external advice from some expertise in odoo was asked and a roadmap should be possible soon shared. Still, we agree on further investigations on topics

encosianima: nevertheless, since some interest seems to have raised around the topic and some suggestions were made the following days, I gather all the information about suggestions/proposals regarding apps that need to be fixed/re-thought etc, here: https://board.net/p/FairCoop_Tech_Apps_Analysis_Proposals

1.1.2 Getfaircoin [timing - start 19:47 - finish 20:00]

That was pretty easy to archive, there's a need to re-think and re-work such an important tool: the projects getfaircoin is officially abandoned, it seems. Actually, a telegram group does exist but it looks not exactly fully populated. Nothing more to be said than launch an open call :D Let's wait and see.

An extra slice [timing - start 20:00 - finish 20:15]

encosianima asked about https://2017.fair.coop (a recurring topic which affects FairCoop website searches since it keeps on coming out)

Maro claimed there are all minute from past assemblies

Enric suggested to keep the same but in different server

Jorge suggested: “I would bet for closing it with a password for apache. It will avoid every spammer around there while you can still get into with full functionality.” later on [8.45 pm]

X.- Questions time [10 min]

I ( encosianima) frankly forgot to ask for this topic, nor the person who arose the question was around. I hope those point could be discussed next assembly.