FairCoop Tech Meeting

23 May 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-may-23

Alfons, Admir,Onix228, Al-Demon, IvanEsperanto

0.- Facilitation work [5min]

Al-Demon, I want to propose to leave the role of facilitator until we agree minimum tasks you want to coordinate or facilitate… From last month and these last weeks, I've thinking about my job as a facilitator maybe is not too necessary. I'm working on other projects such as, networks, local nodes grav version, improve the wiki, and there are some projects of the orphans, maybe I can help too. If we need to find from today to July can help me in the pad, to facilitate the assembly whenever I can…

1.- Projects in course [15 min]

I'm working to create a better project in course document for review, know responsibles and needs…


I propose talk with any group to improve this list and knowledge

2.- OCW Basics for Tech

We can start with https://board.net/p/ocw_basics and deadline is 30May more or less

Also good give us your opinion/feedback about:

  1. Overall OCW organization
  2. Work management
  3. Validation procedure
  4. Tech area structure

…so we give the space for areas to express more freely.

3.- Survey tool

In several groups are asking for a survey tool, I review some free/open source software and like a summary if we want ask simple questions we can use https://fair.sandcats.io/apps and if we want some complex and cool we can use limesurvey or tellform and install in our server.


X.- Questions time [10 min]

0.- Facilitation work [20 min]

Al-Demon don't want more fixed hours into the role. The facilitator is a key role but in the tech area he don't see the need to have it as a fixed paid role. We are agree continue with Al-Demon like facilitator but without fixed payment.

1.- Projects in course [25 min]

2.- OCW Basics for Tech [25min]

This is our first draw.. to present like method in OCW

  1. Present your project in your area
  2. If is inside the goals and values would be good and certanly approbe in your area
  3. Present the project in the OCW assembly with a minimum budget and orientation time and resources
  4. Start the project in a platform we can have free access to join
  5. Put your project in the wiki and the other platform to can see everyone
  6. Track your task and report your work
  7. Other people can review the task and the reports
  8. All together decided the fair payments

3.- Survey tool [25min]

After the analysis and discuss we are agree to install asap limesurvey inside our server using surveys.fair.coop Al-Demon and Berzas can do it