FairCoop Tech Meeting

06 JUN 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tech-meeting-18-jun-06

Al-Demon, Marcelo, Roland, Cegroj, biopablo

1.- Ask for VPS [30 min]

2.- Projects in course [15 min]

3.- PROPOSAL: Warning for users | General buggy situation [ min]

4. fairkom services [ min]

5.- Questions time [10 min]

1.- Ask for VPS [time: 50min]

  • Now that Faircoop is saving >80€/month from stop paying site5. Use part of the budget for a VPS to allow LN host their own website if thy prefer to do so instead of pay faircoins for a hosting.
  • Use the machine as a fallback in case of disaster at main server. So it be better in another provider/datacenter
  • use small part of the machine to pin Faircoop IPFS resouces

We are agree to ask in GA for another VPS using some of money we was using in shit5. Special for LN. and continue working in decentralize out network.

2.- Projects in course [time: 35min]

We present 2 LN proposals: - Grav theme for LN http://board.net/p/Grav-LN - Drupal complete website like this concept https://www.transition-initiativen.org/standorte We want to present this proposals into LN group with projects with budget, times and some technical things More or less for last week in June

3.- PROPOSAL: Warning for users | General buggy situation [time: 25min]

Problem: we are disrespecting users by not being honest to them. We are using and publically promoting software in alpha or beta stage, with severe bugs or important security issues, of which users are not aware. This is badly damaging FairCoop's reputation, and is specially dangerous in the cases in which user's money is handled. These problems will get worse as the ecosystem grows and reaches areas outside the OECD with serious political conflicts.


  • BotC - multiple issues, multiple downtimes, prone to attacks, issues have been repeatedly reported and repeatedly ignored
  • Coopfunding - known issues, known solutions, for YEARS devs refuse to give access to the server to the people who can solve them
  • Betabank - unacceptable behavior; puts people's life in danger
  • Board.net - major issue known for over a year (emojis, Şş), known solution, dev refuses to implement it and simply states it is not in his list of priorities, and he charges 80 FC to fix broken pads because it was needed immediately on same day. As it is, this tool is incompatible with an international organization like FairCoop. Also problems with https (? has never been reported recently).
  • OCP - poor usability and interface
  • Fairpay - multiple issues, multiple downtimes
  • UseFaircoin
  • FairMarket

Proposal: place a warning sign on the adequate page of each tool until major problems have been fixed and properly tested

We are agree to present in the next GA 21 of June a proposal to put some messages about this Alpha/Beta themes The pad to discuss is:

4. fairkom services [time: 20min]

We are offering several services for free to the FairCoop community on an “as is” basis:

  • board.net
  • gitlab
  • fairchat mirror
  • nextcloud
  • FairCoin homepage
  • blog.fair.coop
  • fairlogin SSO

FairCoop users expect professional support, managed services, security updates, 99,9% uptime and immediate reaction. This can not be done for free forever. Hence we suggest a subscription fee for each service to continue to offer good service and prioritize issues.

@Rasobar wants to do a proposal to offer their services with a price. First idea: 20 FC per service per month would be a nice contribution, so total 140 FC.

5.- Questions time [time: 1min]

  • Status Page

@m0k1_pw want to show a status web project