FairCoop Tech Meeting

31 JAN 2018 19:00 GMT+1

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-31-jan-17

Al-Demon, Alfons, Cegroj,

1 Create a good Road MAP (1h)

(Please review this to be clear our tech policies, our methodologic of work and the roadmap before) https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:our_policies https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:our_methodology https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:our_road_map

  • 1.1.- Summary actual roadmap
    1. 1.2.- Real needs for ecosystem
    2. 1.3.- Responsible and / or Delegates from each project
    3. 1.4.- Plan for get developers

    ### X Question Time

    ## Minutes

1 Create a good Road MAP

The last meeting we talking about in almost projects we need more developers and I consider very important to get them a good roadmap… sometimes we touch the roadmap but Looks like is not very consensus because we repite bad behaviors, and work too much alone and with not enough facilities to integrate more people.

Nobody againts our actual policies and methodologies

1.1 - is only using for facilitation… nobody wrote anything :-(

1.2- 1.3 We want to complete a Roadmap with real needs

Its so difficult to know if some projects are included on the ecosystem or not…

Starting with know the people behind each project and put a report at least one a month

We can use the wiki to complete the RoadMap because looks like today are few people

1.4- No ideas for today

### 2 Question Time

#### Is the change of the contract from Hetzner in course? Not yet because we not sure about OCP new server and the research is here https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/General/wikis/vps-analysis-analysis

what we should do when shit5 migrations finish in some days, with shit5 VPS?

No answer ….