FairCoop Tech Meeting

28 FEB 2018 19:00 GMT+1

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-feb-28

  1. Al-Demon
  2. Encosianima (newcomer) welcome!
  3. Roland
  4. elleflane (newcomer)
  5. Onix228
  6. Alfons
  7. Guy
  8. IvanEsperanto
  9. Enildo

1.- Review projects in course [30min]

  • Website, blog … (2min)
  • Invoices (2min)
  • Migration (2min)
  • Analytics, piwik (2min)
  • Usefaircoin

2.- Include our apps in F-Droid [20min]

fairchat App: Source https://git.fairkom.net/chat/fairchat Binary https://fairkom.eu/download/fairchat.apk Wallets faircoin discover Fairpay

3.- Onboarding Process for Newcomers to Tech Area

x.- Questions time [10min]

1- Would be good to create a map with responsibles about our faircoop tech ecosystem? 2.- Local nodes websites?

1.- Review projects in course [60min]


Reminder the plan of the project is on https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/FairCoopSites/FairCoopWebsite
Grav test: https://test.fair.coop I hope tomorrow Drupal test: http://faircoin.indigofloat.at/de/node This is how blog will look like on fair-coin.org, can be re-used for blog.fair.coop.


invoices is a need for freedomcoop and until now was working @Santi and @ivanEsperanto and I join too

we want to open the project and put a testing version soon

More info here https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:software-developing:projects_in_course#invoices

Is on odoo 8 and we want to test odoo10 too we think in maximum 2 month have ready to allow people to do invoices simply

Invoices: test with Odoo10, ERPnet could be another candidate


@Alfons many stones on the path. We are colaborating with a guy from Greece in order to help to migrate cooperativas.gr that had malware

just now we pointed the DNS and in 12-24 hours should be propagated the change pointing to Faircoop DNS server. Then we can do heraklion.cooperativas.gr and the mailboxes after that just will remain 4-5 mailboxes from rizoma.fair.coop and review nothing is missed and looks that will be done last week we migrated BotC to the intranet and mailboxes and in the mddle doing some documentation to guide the responsibles to use new mailboxes and also giving support and solving some issues


We installed piwik and until now is testing only

but when we solve the proxy ssl we can continue writing and talking with the analytics group to give them the tool Looks solved— continue writing plan


Dev version need to exported database, @ivanesperanto and @alfons can help to continue expand limits of memory from apache

2.- Include our apps in F-Droid [5min]

Many people want to start a project to can create a repository in fdroid Check with @iesteban. he is working on it for

3.- Onboarding Process for Newcomers to Tech Area [45 min]

The proposal is that when someone appears and offers technical help, we add them to a mailing list, to which we can send offers of work, so that they are reminded and can match their skills to our needs. Alternatively all join a fairchat group, and when sending a message with @all, all get a notification by e-mail (if they are not chatting).

Maybe also create a general list of the people who have offered with their skills listed, possibly an ethercalc.

And maybe a sort of 'buddy system' to introduce them to OCP and how we work etc. This would probably greatly increase the percentage of people who stay and help us rather than get confused and never come back.

  • We can try to pin the wiki inside the telegram group…
  • We can use forum to introduce ourselves
  • Rss to join forum and telegram
  • @Al-Demon try to talk in PM with any people to join the telegram group
  • We need to put into a task on the gitlab for example
  • Try to use freemind