FairCoop Tech Meeting

07 FEB 2018 19:00 GMT+1

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-feb-07

Al-Demon, Alfons, Cegroj, Roland, Enildo, Guy

0.- Human ressources

Some people knocked on the door who wanted to take some tasks - how do we welcome them?

1.- Reports Project in course [20min]

1. Looking for responsible people and mini reports? This is a request of the roadmap → https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:our_road_map 2. Website → New proposal https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/FairCoopSites/FairCoopWebsite/wikis/home

2.- Proposal to create a newsletter [5-10 min]

3.- Things to talk in next General Assembly

4.- Drupal Blog Theme

x.- Question time [10min]

0.- Human ressources (20min)

Some people knocked on the door who wanted to take some tasks - how do we welcome them?

Can we create a database of people with skills - OCP profile? ask in OCW how to improve this “guide” to start work Point 0 - HR: Roland suggests that one person acts as “buddy” for the first month to a newcomer, we can do it in a round-robin way or according to regional aspects where meetings are more likely. We will try to be more welcome-oriented.

Create tutorials about wallets for dummies, or improve if is the case the ones at “we do have such tutorials in the FairCoinGuideEN document (on owncloud , download link is on fair-coin.org homepage on the right)” we need to pass them to comunication and ask also for translations and really easy to understand. Also tutorials about any tool we use is really important.

1.- Reports Project in course [1:10min]

1. Looking for responsables and mini reports? is a request of the roadmap → https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:our_road_map We agree to look and put the person or persons responsible and put the report with big needs or big issues Some projects are difficult to identify if we have or not a person inside the tech for admin the software 2. fairlogin now also works with forum.fair.coop

1.2. Website → New proposal https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/FairCoopSites/FairCoopWebsite/wikis/home We usually review a bit website, blog .. but for @bernini wants to leave main website and fairkom want to leave blog we need to rethink and maybe start again web, blog, wiki…

we agree to leave until next wednesday the proposal for website until now can be three scenarios but if anyone present more they are welcome… - Continue with:

  1. mainwebsite: gatsbyJS
  2. blog: drupal
  3. wiki: dokuwiki

- Drupal version for all - Grav CMS for all

For more option write a proposal following the initial plan https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/FairCoopSites/FairCoopWebsite/wikis/home

2.- Proposal to create a newsletter

1. The proposal is to create a newsletter and/or telegram channel for important notices like wallets updates, services migration,…this way as much people as posible would be aware of what is going on and know better how to proceed

   Faircoop channel in Telegram 
   Public channel on fairchat (no login or app required to read messages and you can subscribe notifications also by e-mail) 

Guy - I personally think we can just use the main FairCoop Telegram channel for important updates, plus maybe Twitter, Facebook and if very important, our own blog. Roland - About newsletter: We could make more use of fairchat groups, where people can be notified by e-mail simply by writing @all Alfons - ok if important news are spreading around is great but then tech and faircoin dev should coordinate with comunication for the important news

We have fairchat and maybe is one of technologies to use for this news Requires people to be a member in this group https://fairchat.net/channel/faircoop-general and they should be using an e-mail address with fairlogin which they read.

3.- Things to talk about in the next General Assembly

I put this topic while I'm worried about responsibilities but I think we talk a bit before

Then for confirmation and add in the next General Assembly and maybe also tomorrow…

We have approved our method, our policies and more or less our roadmap - I want to present in the assembly and ask to clarify the project are inside the area and how are the relationships with other software projects

more focus on this for example:

  1. Faircoin (website)
  2. Faircoin wallets
  3. OCE (this is a software project or an experimental tech group) is inside Faircoop or is another very similar thing…)
  4. Fairmarket (admin is not in tech group now)

Inform too about roadmap and tech documentation. What the GA is good form is if we need resources.

We need more interconectivity with all areas

Some help on tutorials, wallets for example

4.- Drupal Blog Theme

The Comms group has asked if we can improve or change the current blog theme, specifically enabling the use of larger images and narrowing the text area. (It seems that Roland is working on this so maybe we don't need to talk about it)

The basis will be the new fair-coin.org theme. To be clarified: how to present Local Nodes in the blog.

we have a good oportunity to clarify until next wednesday,… I add some request about communication people pass me for the blog to include in the plan

Rasobar and Al-Demon try to chat to review the issues this next days

Pilikum's wishlist for the blog:

  1. The possibility that the picture in the main page doesn't necessarily appear as the first picture under the title of the post (to make them both independent)

2. Recommendations on horizontality/verticality of images and their size for the design group to know 3. The possibility for links to be opened in a different tab in the browser 4. The possibility to insert gifs and videos that maybe are not in any other site in the Internet, but just in the blog 5. Subsections: Articles/Opinion/Local Nodes (do you like these names?) 6. Browser to look by key words 7. Tags (could these be shown somewhere else besides on the bottom of a post or it is not necessary? (like clouds of tags or something like this)? 8. Summary independent of main text 9. Some SEO tools like Yoast Seo (any recommendations on this? No idea if this is free open software) 10. Also Piwik (similar to Google analytics) 11. The possibility to make images bigger with no need to be at the end of the post as it is now

We intend to split the Drupal instances to avoid issues with multi-domain handling in some modules. For hosting the blog we have two options: continue to host at fairkom (includes backup, monitoring, Drupal security updates) or migrate to fair.coop host (then another team has to read Drupal mailing lists and react in case of exploits etc). For the meantime, we stay with fairkom hosting.