FairCoop Tech Meeting

25 APRIL 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-apr-18

Al-Demon, Tomislav,IvanEsperanto, fundodacritica, Pílikum, Florence

0.- Blog and Local nodes proposals [30 min]

1.- Projects in course [10 min]

2.- Projects Orphaned [10 min]

3.- Questions time [10 min]

0.- Blog and Local nodes proposals [65 min]

We discuss about only one proposal to continue with blog plan.

Pilikum and communication group have an assembly this 27 of April and can propose some needs and start to testing to can use grav in a future date like a blog inside the mainwebsite

  • The menu will be discuss more in website group and communication

For local nodes we are in the good way on :

  • 1 local nodes can have their own space for blogging
  • 2 the main website can pull the local node feed in a new section - local nodes journal
  • 3 tecnologicaly - the local nodes can have any CMS has long has they have rss

And we can discuss later on website group about some changes on frontpage

1.- Projects in course [15 min]

About Forum
Reinforcing projects to use the Needs topic in the forum about needs of tech area. https://forum.fair.coop/t/needs-technology-area/369/4 We need to try to use more forum to answer the people, we can use the bot in rss too.

We are in need of some Bootstrap experience person to help us redesigning our Kispagi tool: ex. http://kispagi.fair.coop/?month=03-2018 and make it also mobile attractive. - Also we need some sysadmin experience person to upgrade the forum to the latest version and help setting up a testing instance as playground.

2.- Projects Orphaned [15 min]

Onix was asked in previous assembly to give us a draft idea of what he wanted to do with each project before deciding about fixed income. Al-Demon wanna try to do a list of orphan projects and Onix create this pad with his proposal https://board.net/p/Onix228-roadmap-for-orphaned-projects

3.- Questions time [10 min]

can we already use Redmine for extension? We don't get the money from Common Management, we can't install the premium version of the CRM then we can import all ur ethercal in there, maybe after the next assembly is the 3rd of may

Finish at 20:52