FairCoop Tech Meeting

11 APRIL 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

Link to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-apr-11

Al-Demon, Roland, Dani,Onix228, Alfons,encosianima, Michalis_K

### 1.- Review projects in course [30min]

  1. BLOG

2.- Projects Orphaned

3.- New projects

3.1 - Redmine - Want to remember that until now it was a freedom of choice to log tasks, time, projects and documentation (gitlab, OCP or even some uses github or others) so now is there availabale a new tool https://org.fair.coop that is connected to kispagi so task reports will be visible for all Faircoop participants. As well visible openly without being logged in. To see features, demo video and screenshots https://board.net/p/FairCoop_OCE_Redmine Question: status with SSO integration of redmine?

3.1 - Fair Wallet (Dani) Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/AHlgLhD8SJefZPMUw02_SQ

4.- How to understand the subareas for us... we need try to improve from here OCW

5. Transfer contract ownership of fair.coop main server from fairkom to FreedomCoop.

Needs a formal decision at FreedomCoop GA on 12APR2018 see https://board.net/p/25thFreedomCoopAssembly3#lineNumber=38

X.- Questions time [10min]

1.- Review projects in course [1H]

BLOG - Website - Local nodes

https://blog.fair.coop/ got a slight redesign with the relaunch of fair-coin.org in March 2018 (uses the same Drupal theme) Blog feature wish list: https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/Tech/FairCoopSites/FairCoopWebsite/issues/15 define the requirements for local nodes (invited Pilikum to join) Roland gives an example how local nodes can be presented in an umbrella website: It was a project to create a common page for 9 Austrian bicycle organisations. 7 of them had their own page and there was an umbrella page, it was a mess in terms of graphic styles and content. So what we did we created a landing page for the umbrella organisation (with menus) and for each county and some cities (=local nodes) they had their sub-pages. They can feed the content autonomously, and some important content can be promoted to others (if they want). Here you see the “Salzburg” local node: https://www.radlobby.at/salzburg - their content is in the grey box, which they can fill on their own (Menu on the left, Events, blog etc). Navigation to nodes is via map (“Bundesländer) and to go back to the main page you click on “Bundesverband”. We want to avoid orphaned websites of local nodes on the fair.coop server.

We want to solve writing plans to solve 3 important things for the next 15 days - Continue Drupal Blog plan or another Blog plan - Proposal for Local Nodes in categories or autonomous or other - Design proposal to include some post in the Mainwebstite

2.- Projects Orphaned [30min]

Onix is willing to assume dev and tech tasks for several WP platforms:

  1) useFairCoin
  2) getFairCoin
  3) CoopFunding
  so would be more appropriate to become a fixed role and income in OCW.

We want a bit analisys to know how much time is need before going a fix task… then detail plans using tech method

3.- New projects [40min]

  • REDMINE We present redmine and discuss a lot Redmine is a project manager backed up by community written in ruby. It has hundreds of plugins available and built in many features that can be activted deactivated by project. CRM time tracker wiki forum … you can see small demo, with basic features, of Faircoop adaptation here:


  • FairWallet by @daniguardiola Another wallet is creating for android and IOS

A new group for the dev → tg:join?invite=AHlgLhD8SJefZPMUw02_SQ Points 4 and 5 are posponed