FairCoop Tech Meeting

30 Ago 2018 19:00 GMT+2

Link to last minutes: https://wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:assemblies:start/

who knowsLink to the life pad: https://board.net/p/tech-meeting-18-ago-30


adinfinitum@lasalpujarras@chat.disroot.org, Al-Demon, Tomislav,Rama, Jessdim. Pílikum, encosianima, Alfons, Michalis, Astrid, sporos, Roland,Onix

0.- Order the agenda

1.- Analysis for software involved in Faircoop, needs, resources and proposals

1.1.- Software we detect we use/need

1.2.- Table of comparative with collaborators and providers and prices if will be necesary - https://lite.framacalc.org/faircoop-software

2.- Work in a long term Tech Strategy.

3 - PROPOSAL: start working group for API for map data

3.1 Roland propose create a team to join maps

3.2 Map Usefaircoin

4.- Tech Area coordination / facilitation

5 - Proposal from chat about Local Nodes website/blog on their own

X.- Questions time [10 min]

LasAlpujarras: Is anyone interested in assisting in the creation of an offgrid CVN to be located We currently have a Raspberry PI 3b & some solar panels! [lasalpujarras@fair.coop] ref: 0CVN Yes of course! you can read about it here: https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/WelcomeSupportHumanCares/wikis/CVN-applicants and

Maybe we need a deeper analysis team

1.- Analysis for software involved in Faircoop, needs, resources and proposals [timing - 30min]

1.1.- Software we detect we use/need [timing - start 19:30 - finish 19:54]

Pads, Etherpad (https://board.org,) Cryptpad (https://cryptpad.fr) Editor.md (https://pad.coletivos.org) Calendar, Website, GetGrav skeleton (@al-demon & @ajeremias) Blog, Ghost Wiki, TikiWiki XWiki Media Files, NextCloud / OwnCloud Project Manager,
Taiga https://OpenProject.org Login, FairLogin by Fairkom. But we should review the setup. Refer to calc by al-demon: https://lite.framacalc.org/faircoop-software 22H Talk, voice, mumble chat, xmpp (https://conversations.im) mail, surveys,

SUGGESTION: if we agree to try another software for whichever service, we should run it on pilot mode first with a small group of volunteers who want to experiment with it and report results, in order to gradually migrate the userbase in case it's confirmed as useful. Until that replacement happens, if it does, we need all the current tools operating as great as possible for immediate needs

PROPOSAL: Give priority to enhance services, which are in a bad shape and/or not user friendly. And not do endless discussions about alternatives of infrastructure blocks which are up and running well.

as well we have a mindmap that is pending to update and place to opensource tool that shows which tools are around Faircoop ecosystem. Hopefully we can add some more soon :smile:


1.2.- Table of comparative with collaborators and providers and prices if will be necesary [postponed to complete the table]

[ Name ] - [ Software ] - [ Status ] - [ how we use ] - [ Need our name / marketing] - [ Price ] - [ Support ]

I created this table to compare and think in our resources and needs about this area and tools - https://lite.framacalc.org/faircoop-software I hope you can add your comments and I try to complete before assembly

Las Alpujarras is collaborating with https://disroot.org & https://coletivos.org to test for ongoing development of open source tools, that will better enable a decentralised, federated and FAIRer community future. https://social.coop/@lasalpujarras #lasalpujarras

2.- Work in a long term Tech Strategy. [Nobody present - timing - 1min]


Support Open Community Development: Whether FOSS or opensource - FairCoop should give preference when choosing software and applications for implementation, that are being developed within the community and not seek to use, third party, proprietary, closed source #CorporateWare. If we seek to build a Fairer future, we cannot do it by providing benefits to/for the very thing we are opposing. See: #CircularEconomy

We agree with Values of FLOSS not only FOSS

3 - PROPOSAL: start working group for API for map data [ Timing - 1h aprox]

3.1 Roland propose create a team to join maps

We have others who are interested in showing our local nodes and FairCoin partners, for example http://kartevonmorgen.org/ (means “map of tomorrow”) or http://transformap.co/ . PROPOSAL: We should work out an API which includes agreed metatags and a timestamp so that others can also publish or update their data. The transformap team has been working on tags and metadata proposals https://base.transformap.co/wiki/Main_Page - we could try to get in touch with them. Or we work out our own schema. There is also a group “transition-connect.org working on sync protocols for connecting maps and events from different platforms. Set up team to work on API for maps is my proposal. I met providers of maps at the makers4Humanity event 4 months ago. Several maps would like also to show FairCoin nodes or POS/POE. And there is a group that is working on a sync engine and protocol to connect maps. As we have now a similar challenge with use.fair-coin.org and map.komun.org I suggest to look 1. at the needs of other maps and 2. possible technical solutions.

Does that make sense? Anybody wants to join? for example even in Open Street Map as a layer (see the http://transformap.co/ project, they have their next meeting in Berlin in November). Not only sync within faircoop services, but also offer our public data to other maps in a way that they can easily embed it.

Nobody answer at the moment…

3.2 Map Usefaircoin

We can not go in consensus and we will present this 4 proposal to solve this UFC issue…

Proposal 1: @onix and @proframa try to work to finish the last plan until Sept 15th 2018 Proposal 2: cut of the budget and destinate it in other development needs . Proposal 3: put a link to mapo.komun.org Proposal 4: @Eznomada try to negociate with komun Proposal 5: use-fair-coin.org will be forked from https://map.komun.org (if source code and data is made available)

Some feelings:

@Rama:  I've already stated I'll do it as volunteer and @Onix228 too. so give us 15 days to get it done.
@Eznomada :I'm not disagree that onyx continue gaining hours in the development of ufc. If you want to volunteer. 

As previously said it is not accurate for people not working on the projects to do such a proposal without any discussion or consensus with the maintainer or dev of projects. The accurate and logic proposal imho is to follow the development and finalize the actual platform as far other responsible devs inside faircoop agreed to join hands and get the work done. @Rama for example. In other hand read the full inputs from the last CE meeting

In order to decide if we would fork back the map from komun, I've asked for the code, and only got the frontend by @arros. It's missing to review the backend code, which I understand it's done in Wagtail (Django CMS).

4. Tech Area coordination / facilitation [timing - 20min]

It seems that most othe issues and conflicts regarding tools arise because of a lack of general coordination in the tech strategies and workflow. There doesn't seem to be any clear methodology. For instance:

  1. Are there at least two people collaborating for each task or some development is being done from some just alone? do they get help and support from others?
  2. how do we pick up the issues from the TG groups to add them on the tracker and pastes the link there for future reference to follow up the case?
  3. why don't we have a staging environment for every service and work there until it's good enough for deployment?
  4. why don't we have a git hook to notify commits for each tool being developed (on their dev groups) so that everyone can follow what's going on in realtime? OCE - Development group has this for instance. Dyne too.
  5. why did we move from Gitlab with Redmine and now have 2 project tracker? what's better in Redmine? was this carefully planned and all projects migrated or we just ended up with two similar tools we need to keep maintaining?
  6. what's wrong with OCE? were those issues reported for follow up? what was the response of the crew in charge of it upon any request?

@prorama what I understand is that @Al_Demon was supposed to be facilitator for tech area (is that right?) and it looks like probably a big task to coordinate such a big ecosystem. my proposal is to have at least two people who could do that task to have a wider view of the whole picture and help dinamise each team working on each tool, following every step and try to unblock any issues the team might report thus helping speed up the development process and having a good coordination between the different tools as well. Rama propose himself

5 - Proposal from chat about Local Nodes website/blog on their own - [timing - 10min]

Category for flow of Blog Content in various ways in coordination with C and T, Communication, Design and all Social Media responsibiles OR separate website for each Local Node that shows how much space will take and persons in charge of updating and feeding Content and maintain website. This should be done on VPS(whatever this means) that shows in proposal Point 3 and Point 2 of previuosly agreed decisions in assembly of Tech Area/Subarea!

Where is the list of blog options 1-5 we already had somewhere?

We agree to go with communication to finish blog into grav like “test.fair.coop” and create a block to show rss feeds to join all others blogs related…