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FairCoop Summer Camps

Every year, people involved in FairCoop are trying to organize a summer camp. The main goal is to have a physical meeting form those who are working on the global level but also on the local level, to interconnect and strengthen the community and personal relations as well as getting work done which are especially difficult to organize and accomplish online. Thus, the gathering intents to be a synergizing event to create new ideas and solutions from the collective and plan actions to bring those into reality.

FairCoop organizes this year his working summer camp at Stražilovo, Sremski Karlovci, Vojvodina, Serbia, Balkans from 20/07/2018 until 19/08/2018.

FairCoop organized in 2017 his working summer camp at the Decentrale, Mont-Soleil, St-Imier, Jura, Switzerland from 30/07/2017 until 02/09/2017.

Articles about the 2017 summer camp in Switzerland you can find here: