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It is an online faircoin payment gateway. It facilitates access to fair merchants who don't use faircoin yet, and acts as a proxy between the capitalist and fair economies, by allowing users to make all their payments in FAIR.

Stargate is a project of Freedom Coop, and a part of the Faircoop ecosystem. It is a non-violent disobedience project which operates under the Integral Revolution principles: http://fair.coop/principles/. The current members are individuals and Athina LN. It is meant to be a small coop of less than 30 people.

With Stargate you won't need to use dirty money ever again!


Email: stargate@riseup.net

Website: PENDING

OCP: stargate

UseFaircoin: stargate

Political goals

  • Increase awareness about faircoin
  • Allow access to products from fair merchants who don't accept faircoin yet
  • Obtain euro liquidity
  • Financial surplus for the movement


  1. Buyer fills payment and shipping details on our site
  2. We check the seller in our database (or add it), confirm the order and send the final price in FAIR to buyer
  3. When we receive the faircoin, we order the product (we need to have reserves in the card)
  4. We exchange to euro and top up the card when it's convenient



Wallet: https://wallet.bankofthecommons.coop/ Main address: fVZoFndL2GK2pDnQUrciHerzjP5zwY4Evk

We try to keep as much in FAIR as we can.


Initial expenses: F100 + €210

Monthly costs: 1.2 €/card

Shipping and import fees: 0-24% + 9-… €

Profit Distribution

1/3 for Stargate, 1/3 for the workers, 1/3 for the movement (investment/donation to a project in accordance with Stargate's values)

*1st Stargate Assembly https://board.net/p/FC.Stargate