Global Projects

Telephony service project

The main part of roadmap is very simple:

  • Any member can have a SIP number(for VoIP communications) for free
  • Anyone can have a geographic telephone number(ex. +34XXXXXX) for a very small cost,
    • All the technology uses FLOSS, using the Asterisk* blueblox managing system.
    • Entrance portal will be available at to manage the bluebox.
    • Users can use CSipSimple app in their smartphones to make phonecalls to other SIP numbers or geographical numbers.

Useful notes:

  • Service is provided by Capa8 cooperative in Catalonia.
  • 300 eur was paid for installation with a 70eur/month

We have all the tech ready, we dont need a developer just a manager that wants to learn about VoIP.

Contributors should be active members of FairCoop, and their work hours would be retributed by the OpenCoopWork platform.

If you want to help, say Hi! at the Freedom Coop telegram group.

A cooperative transport system. See possible routes here: