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 # Global Projects # Global Projects
-##Bank of the Commons+### Bank of the Commons
-##Freedom Coop+### Freedom Coop
-##​CommonRoutes+### CommonRoutes
 A cooperative transport system. See possible routes here: https://​board.net/​p/​FCCE.transport A cooperative transport system. See possible routes here: https://​board.net/​p/​FCCE.transport
 +### FairCoop School
 +In the ecosystem, we produce valuable and innovative knowledge so the aim of FairCoop School is to collect, process and distribute all these information in a blended (online and presencial) learning system.
 +_ _ _
 +### Projects Ideas
 +**Here is a list of projects which are still under development and didn't reach an initial launching phase, yet:**
 +* **FairBnB**:​ an alternative renting platform (platform cooperative) to Airbnb with the aim of keeping and redistribute the generated profits inside the local area where the rents are happening. FairCoop is a potential partner amongst others to help to develop the platform by providing a variety of different resources. FairCoin could be a the potential currency used on FairBnB
 + * More information on the website: https://​fairbnb.coop/​
 + * Telegram channel to join for discussion: https://​t.me/​joinchat/​BssUHE94HuSxD88rahmqfA