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 # Global Projects # Global Projects
-##Bank of the Commons+### Bank of the Commons
-##Freedom Coop +### Freedom Coop
-###​Telephony service project +
-The main part of roadmap is very simple:+
-  * Any member can have a SIP number(for VoIP communications) for free. +### CommonRoutes
-  * Anyone can have a geographic telephone number(ex. +34XXXXXX) for a very small cost. +
-  * All the technology uses FLOSS, using the Asterisk* blueblox managing system. +
-  * Entrance portal will be available at [[http://​admin.sip.freedomcoop.eu/​|admin.sip.freedomcoop.eu]] to manage the bluebox. +
-  * Users can use *CSipSimple* app in their smartphones to make phonecalls to other SIP numbers or geographical numbers. +
- +
-Useful notes: +
-  * Service is provided by Capa8 cooperative in Catalonia. +
-  * 300 eur was paid for installation with a 70eur/month being paid monthly, so it's urgent to find a responsible manager. +
-We have all the tech ready, we dont need a developer just a manager that wants to learn about VoIP.  +
- +
-Contributors should be active members of FairCoop, and their work hours would be retributed by the OpenCoopWork platform. +
- +
-If you want to help, say Hi! at the [[https://​t.me/​joinchat/​CSeivEJcC0PrJNzTRIEBRA|Freedom Coop telegram group]]. +
- +
 A cooperative transport system. See possible routes here: https://​board.net/​p/​FCCE.transport A cooperative transport system. See possible routes here: https://​board.net/​p/​FCCE.transport
-##Stargate +### FairCoop School 
-It is an online faircoin payment gateway. It facilitates access ​to fair merchants who don't use faircoin yet, and acts as a proxy between the capitalist and fair economies, by allowing users to make all their payments ​in FAIR. +In the ecosystem, we produce valuable and innovative knowledge so the aim of FairCoop School ​is to collectprocess ​and distribute ​all these information ​in a blended (online ​and presencial) learning system.
- +
-Stargate is project of Freedom Coop, and a part of the Faircoop ecosystemIt is a non-violent disobedience project which operates under the Integral Revolution principles: http://​fair.coop/​principles/​. The current members are individuals and Athens LN. It is meant to be a small coop of less than 30 people. +
- +
-With Stargate you won't need to use dirty money ever again! +
- +
-###Info +
-Email: stargate@riseup.net +
- +
-Website: PENDING+
-OCP: stargate+_ _ _
-UseFaircoin:​ stargate+### Projects Ideas
-###​Political goals +**Here is a list of projects which are still under development and didn'​t ​reach an initial launching phase, ​yet:**
-  ​*Increase awareness about faircoin +
-  ​*Allow acces to products from fair merchants who don'​t ​accept faircoin ​yet +
-  ​*Obtain euro liquidity +
-  ​*Financial surplus for the movement+
-###​Procedure +* **FairBnB**:​ an alternative renting platform ​(platform cooperativeto Airbnb with the aim of keeping ​and redistribute ​the generated profits inside ​the local area where the rents are happening. FairCoop is a potential partner amongst others ​to help to develop the platform by providing a variety of different resources. FairCoin could be a the potential currency used on FairBnB
-  - Buyer fills payment and shipping details on our site +
-  - We check the seller in our database ​(or add it), confirm ​the order and send the final price in FAIR to buyer +
-  - When we receive ​the faircoin, we order the product (we need to have reserves in the card) +
-  - We exchange ​to euro and top up the card when it's convenient+
-###​Finances + * More information on the website: https://fairbnb.coop/
-####​Income +
-Wallet: https://wallet.bankofthecommons.coop/ +
-Main address: fVZoFndL2GK2pDnQUrciHerzjP5zwY4Evk+
-We try to keep as much in FAIR as we can.+ * Telegram channel ​to join for discussion: https://t.me/​joinchat/​BssUHE94HuSxD88rahmqfA
-Initial expenses: F100 + €210 
-Monthly costs: 1.2 €/card 
-Shipping and import fees: 0-24% + 9-... € 
-####Profit Distribution 
-1/3 for Stargate, 1/3 for the workers, 1/3 for the movement (investment/​donation to a project in accordance with Stargate'​s values)