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Phonecoop management service project

The main part of roadmap is very simple:

  • Any member can have a SIP number(for VoIP communications) for free.
  • Anyone can have a geographic telephone number(ex. +34XXXXXX) for a very small cost.
  • All the technology uses FLOSS, using the Asterisk* blueblox managing system.
  • Entrance portal will be available at admin.sip.freedomcoop.eu to manage the bluebox.
  • Users can use CSipSimple app in their smartphones to make phonecalls to other SIP numbers or geographical numbers.

Useful notes:

  • Service is provided by Capa8 cooperative in Catalonia.
  • 300 eur was paid for installation with a 70eur/month being paid monthly.

If you want to help, say Hi! at the Phonecoop Management telegram group.