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Orientation Area

The Orientation Area is where we coordinate work that aim to help newcomers to the ecosystem and increase the awareness of people in the ecosystem about the ecosystem.

We have four subareas:

  • Support focuses on helping the community to provide help to each other
  • Documentation helps to prepare tutorial, FAQs and other materials that can be used in Support
  • Learning focuses on developing our area internal awareness and understanding of the ecosystem we aim to build
  • Education organises workshops that help raise the awareness and understanding for people in the ecosystem

The Orientation Area is part of the Open Coop Work, where we collaborate and build an organized workflow in the FairCoop ecosystem to be able to log our time contributions and participate in a monthly value distribution.

These are the tasks that are currently eligible for such compensation:

If you like to participate in these tasks, make sure you join the Orientation Area Telegram Group and coordinate your work with the rest of the group.