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Our Ecosystem is huge and several pieces of information need to be put together to allow participants and newcomers to efficiently use our tools. An easy way is recording computer desktop+voice, with a further step getting a text out of audio recorded so that it can be translated into different languages.

Video tutorials can be easily created just recording computer desktop + voice explaining all different steps to take:

Firstly make sure to follow a proper desktop capture procedure:

  • Be sure you have space enough in your hard drive to record the archive in its length
  • Use a micro to avoid ambient noise
  • and…prepare notes for your performance (unless improvisation is your winning style) and take into account that a very clear voice with no environmental noise would be the ideal conditions.

Desktop capture tools:

Text to speech allows you to have a text out of any speech recorded:

Subtitling software to subtitles and translate subtitles in different languages:

Any further info please ask in Education Group (https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=s1143974879_3991125901789660924) or to @encosianima