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Open Cooperative Ecosystem (OCE)

What is OCE?

OCE attempts to be a network of interconnected software and data, especially for the case of cooperative and post-capitalistic environments to bundle the current individualistic approaches of people and collectives into one string and synergize effort towards the same goals.

To create this framework of interconnective and decentralized applications and platforms OCE is using common vocabularies or protocols for the same purpose (currently just „ValueFlows“) to convert data seamlessly and instantly from one instance to the other.

As an ecosystem consists of multiple interconnecting components, there is currently not such a thing as an OCE. Thus, it should be considered work in process development where the software components are developed based on real needs. Thus, an active participation and an integration of community into the development process are essential for a customized system.

OCE Project arose from the collective ideas of an informal group called „Open App Ecosystem“. With the Agent App, the OCE working group actually made the first step out of the discussed theoretical concept and started to put the idea it into practice.

What is the Agent App?

The Agent App is a work in progress development which is using one common vocabulary, called „valueflows“, to procede economic data from different platforms (currently just OCP) with the same vocabulary. (There are currently no other vocabularies besides ValueFlows for economic networks)

At the moment, the App is mainly used by FairCoop (Agent.Fair.Coop) focusing on the economic aspect of the community and progressively tailored to its needs. Nevertheless, the agent app can be used by other individuals, collectives or communities as well and can be adapted in the same way.

To do so, they have three choices: use existing OCP backend deploy the actual OCP backend on their server build a new backend for the agent app

With the agent app, people and collectives will be able in the future to summarizes their individual accounts, work, memberships, etc. from different platforms simply at just one place – the agent app. All economic relations and data will be visible and managable from there.

What is OCP? (linked to agent app)

OCP (Open Collaborative Platform) is an open source platform that was adopted by FairCoop to initially manage membership registrations for different projects (FreedomCoop, BankoftheCommons, Local Nodes etc.). Due to the advantages of managing economic resources and accounts (FairCoin wallet integration), it became the place to organize work and distribute payments appropriately to work commitments in FairCoop. Nevertheless, the platform lacks some intuitive handling due to a wide range of user scenarios options and a rather unappealing user interface, which made it difficult to use. For that reason, it was decided to shape the OCP functionalities just for the specific needs of the FairCoop community by creating the Agent.fair.coop app as the first component of the OCE and convert specific OCP data and functionalities into a user-friendly version with an improved user interface.

To know more about OCE have a look at the following links: