Local Nodes Area

The aim of this area is to have a clear and participative plan to improve the Local nodes work, needs, and feedback with the global.

More info: https://board.net/p/FCL

Email: localnodes@fair.coop

Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/BssUHEKqS_Svyys8ju3WuA



The proposal made in SC was to have different phases that new local nodes has to pass through:

Phase 1: Learning (2-3 months)

After a LN is created it receives first education training (political level, tools, practical steps) welcoming and support (all as part of new LN Area)

Phase 2: Preparation for Sustainability Campaign if LN applies (1 month)

The preparation includes Funding management, LN accounting, Human relation and local assemblies

Phase 3: Sustainability campaign (6 months)

LN can just enter this phase and get financial support when they got through the previous two phases

(unclear until now what will be the conditions if a LN does not or don't need to apply for the sustanability campaign. What other kind of support they can get? Should they get through the Phase 1+2 as well?)

Phase 4: possibility for post-campaign support (time span can differ)

After the campaign is over LNs can ask for a fund for a specific project which includes a detailed project plan.


Funds can come from:

  • FairFunds. It can be a credit system. We could start by funding some pilot projects (needs more discussion).
  • Coop Shares
  • Crowdfunding (CoopFunding)

In the project plan it's importan to condiser:

  • how to bring back liquidity to the community
  • how to improve the ecosystem on different levels

(more details about this plan: LN Sustainability Plan)

Periodicity: monthly, in the week befor the LN assembly.

The Area will publish monthly reports of their progress before the LNs assembly

Meetings. maybe one every two weeks to coordinate the daily work