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LN Sustainability Plan

The goal is to help the Local Nodes building a long-term (e.g. 2 years) business plan.

Issue: none of the LNs are sustainable so far.

The Sustainability Plan organizes all the projects, activities and services that the LN could provide and implement in its road map after the phase of the sustainability campaign.

The long term plan should also set up the goals of the LN, and all the steps that should be done to make the projects happen.

It should realize skills and availability of the core group and the ones needed for the goal.

If the planned projects require funding there's the possibility to present a proposal in Faircoop GA and have some credit, which will be payed back in a certain period.

One of the main issues of the sustainability plan is how to get euro liquidity and create a positive turnover.

We need documentation of frameworks of existing active LNs to experiment / give ideas to new LNs.

Example of activities in Novi Sad LN.

There is a proposal to use the Business model canvas.

Fill out this form, providing all the possible information about your node's situation, and submit it to the LN Sustainability working group. You may also ask someone in that group to be assigned to your node as a guide to help you fill out the form.

With that info you and your guide will create a plan sheet. Here is the template. And here you can see an example made for Milano LN.