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Local Nodes Assembly.

Time: Monday January 9th 2017 19h CET (barcelona-paris-berlin time)

place: this pad + faircoop assemblies telegram group. Contact us to join the group. By mail ( ) or in other telegram group

Participants Maro | Chris | Paco | Michalis | Juanse | Roberto | Bumbum | Enric Order of the day

1) Madrid local node request for funding campaign

Notes on assembly Madrid node apply for 3000 Faircoin, 1000 for the common and 2000 for paco. they have some talks in december and are ready and focused on Freedomcoop and fairpay there are two places that will accept it so good start. They made a summary about what are doing:

We agree to add madrid node to the funding campaign

2) Update Local Node's Guide -

Notes on assembly Michalis are working hard on it and added some more info. We need to redefine the use of the territory terminology. Local nodes should be seen a beacons, reaching out from where they are, with a weaker signal the farther fellow faircoop members are away, and not with a defined territory (territories of local nodes should be encouraged to overlap) instead of territory can be called regions or bioregions as we are debating about it. Some say that bioregion is more linked to natural ecosystems and less to people as region, that is more linked to be defined based on a population living in a territory (ups say the wrong word..) as the states… but as other sais, as we're talking people org here (in first layer of analisys) it could bring trouble, in the “region” is everybody around you… but the bioregion might extend much farther in one direction than another from where you are, depending on how the bioregion is defined… it's the case with “region” as well, but much less so regions are much more likely to be expected to overlap.

Related to funding the last point of the local node guide we need to finsih that point so we need to point out the different funds to help local nodes as 40% from faircoop funds and 60% from freedomcoop plus 1% of POE and other ways the local node decide. This funds apply to all nodes they are: Freedom Coop OCP fee distribution, local node development fund and solidarity fund ( the solidarity fund is not to spend but for credits at local economy projects at 0% of interest)

We agree on having ready the first draft of the guide in the next days

3) proposal for cordoba (arg) local node request funding campaign They will fill in the form this week and be ready to join. A team of three, almost ready to be approved.

Next assembly january 30th