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Local nodes assembly of 26 of september

Participants Michalis | Christina| Enric | Jerome | Chris | Maro | Ale

1. the plan for funding local nodes. Process to agre on criterias

look at the document here: (some elements has been corrected after discussion in the group) Notes on the assembly

Criteria for the funding to local nodes

*Proposal: we should figure out a table based in the number of persons involved 1 person 2000 faircoins, 2 persons 4000 faircoins 3 persons 6000 faircoins, 4 persons 8000 faircoin 5 persons 10000 faircoins. And thats all. then would not be possible that a local node accumulate as the amount is limited. The fund from faircoop would be a reference based in a value of 100 eur by person by month so it would be a good support but not enough to be the only source of living for example. Perhaps we could add a flat 1000 faircoins amount related other expenses so 1 person 3000 faircoin, 2 persons 5000 faircoins….. 5 persons 11000 faircoins. Each node could have specific criterias according to local situation, at local level each node will have its own criterias and tasks which will discussed here in the assembly. the only condition is that people who only do sporadic work should not be paid with money coming from faircoop fund still could be paid with other sources)

anyway still is possible to use part of funds for external expenses, (like printing, renting etc..)and sporadic work in the fomr of bunties for example

we could talk about a priority. So people who are in the list presented of doing stable work should have priority related people doing sporadic tasks to pay something sporadic should be only possible if the coop workers are already covered keeping in mind that sporadic tasks are somehow not getting along with collectivity of people, which we want to define a local node. With the freedom coop distribution, the local node would have full autonomy to spend. So this could help to include specific sporadic paid tasks… without challenging the goal of the faircoop fund.

So, regarding the presentation of the proposal on the next global assembly. still there are different things to do like make a concret proposal of distribution with the detailed faircoin amounts *Funding is given on the criteria of the document we are discussing beyond the criteria we define here, we would trust the local node.

We should agree also in the period of the plan so this is a 6 months plan…. a 9 months plan …. a one year plan…. we should take in account that we are spending funds that right now faircoop have no way to recover the final proposal is 6 month to review.

In OCP Also there is the process of discuss in local nodes, fill the form and decide in the local nodes assembly then we should have a local nodes asembly in 31 of october, where the proposals sent, can be discussed and accepted and publish the proposal between 21 and 30 of october Then the program would be from november 2016 to for now, april 2017 any node can join in november but there is one point that the nodes which still are being formed today, will not have the conditions for the criterias until, december/january…. So probably only few nodes would be able to join at the beginning and this can let more funds for after the first 6 months period. we need the OCP form as soon as possible then, so that existing node would apply there. But lets see how it goes with existing nodes first. 2. How to distribute the 60% of freedomcoop incomes that should go to local nodes.

The freedomcoop assembly talked about that, but a proposal should come perhaps in the selforganized process for local nodes criteria.

Should be the same criteria than the faircoop funding to local nodes, or others specific criterias should be added?

Notes on the assembly

There is not a concrete proposal on this point, but perhaps at least we can share some ideas, that help us to prepare a concrete proposal for the next freedom coop assembly.

The point is that in this case the incomes are variable. and the amount distributed will change each time but we should work in a methodology about which % distribute to each node.

Funding stops if the node fails to keep going (having assemblies etc) at any point in an assembly decission.

So from the 66% thats is related freedomcoop i would say that half of that could be a distribution that happens based in the country they are if there is any local node active in freedom coop really. And the other half would happen based in a global distribution based in number of members…this global distribution would touch only nodes which are involved in freedom coop So, the political criteria, is to distribute 1/3 to any node active in the world, 1/3 based in participation in freedomcoop from fees coming from your country and 1/3 from fees coming from any country. we can invite the rest of freedom coop people to be part of the modeling in the asembly of next week and then try to get an agreement around 18 of october so, then in 17 of october we have a preagreement in local nodes assembly and in the following freedomcoop assembly is made general agreement that begins to be applied