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Local nodes Assembly

When: Monday september 12th at 19.00 CET

Place: Local nodes Telegram group

Participants: Maro|Santi|Chris|Enric|Christina|Michalis|Ale|Mario|Tereseta|

Order of the day

1. Updates from local nodes.

  • Bilbao: We had a meeting last thursday with 3 persons attending. We agreeded on the Faircoin node validation procedure and want to participate in the validation process. We can host 2 CVN's at the moment. Also we agreeded on the freedom coop local node participation but we are unsure about the OCP tool, we need some training on it.
  • In catalunya we need to plan a visit to producers so we can see who wants to use faircoin, and do our next assembly. also we get called to events and give talks.. and if visitors come we tell them about faircoop etc..
  • Heraklion as not so many updates Not much things to add from Heraklion actually. Haven't had any luck to make the Heraklion Local Node a more collective process. I would say that I am pretty well alone here, trying to follow the FairCoop news and be of any help whenever possible. There are two main reasons for that…1. People here are more focused in the initiative for a Local Integral Cooperative, trying to make the local processes work before expanding and networking to a bigger vision.
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My luck of time doesn't help to find people and try to build up a team to promote FairCoop's tools at the local market level, like FairCoin for starters. for the Local Exchange, we need to build up a circular FairCoin economy at the local level, so people could easily spend their FairCoins in various goods and services. Right now most of them do not find ways to use FairCoins, ending up asking to buy back euros. Apart from that, we want to get involved in FairCoin 2, starting with a local CVN.

  • Switzerland(Jura) have next weekend a gathering for connecting people in the context of the economic activities related to our projects. And moving from theory to practice with our Local node will be a main aim with that and For the middle of October we are planning a weekend for bringing more local people in our area into the economy, beyond just our projects.
  • In Madrid probalby during this month or next we create the node in Nosaltres a coop in Madrid city, also are to going to have some talks with people from villages outside of madrid city, and talk with malouney to boost the RCC (collective buys group here)

In Milan we are planing a first meeting on 1st October but nothing concrete until now

2. Freedom Coop participation from local nodes

People from local nodes is called to join the membership request process for the people joining from their area

Since the very beginning freedom coop has been designed as a tool for empowering local nodes at same time, has been agreed, that local nodes should manage the welcome and contacts relation with the members of their area but we need still to begin to implement it, because at the moment all welcome process is still centralized in the global group the local nodes that wants to participate in it, should joing the welcome group and take the task related the people of their region in OCP perhaps in a second step, could be done that people at local, only see the candidats of their region, but this not seems so easy, to help new members in our region to become part of freedom coop

Santi from Bilbao Maro from Madrid (already admin in OCP) Christina from Thessaloniki Chris from Jura (already admin in OCP)

For new members would be nice to have a tutorial to let them know how OCP works and also for economic issues concerning VAT invoices,… then the guide for local nodes admins, should include also some economic management informations this is something anyway for what they could joing the economic management group of their country, or if this is not existing the general one, to get the information that is needed

in next freedom coop assembly we should add already a point about distribution, related the incomes arriving until now. To see how distribution to local nodes should begin

3. Faircoin 2 (CVN) participation from local nodes

People from local nodes is called to join the CVN request process for the people joining from their area.

The process where the local nodes are involved is more concret, just to welcome CVN candidates of their area (something similar with the membership request in freedom coop) So, the OCP training required will be quite similar but the most important is to understand the criterias for accepting CVN, and be able to manage it, properly in that sense the feature that the local nodes adds to the system, and that is very important is the oppportunity to know in person the nodes candidates that give added security to all the system and faircoin 2, trust in this local nodes, just for making human decentralization a reality One thing to add, is that with Schnor signatures working properly, The extension of CVN have no limits. (Schnoor signatures is a system that Thomas presented in last faircoin 2 update, for making more efficient the storage of signatures, as a way to make possible that more and more CVN join) So, will be possible to have many CVN for region,

Michalis fro Heraklion are curious to have a CVN here. Probably in cooperation with CommonsLab (a tech collective) that already has a stable internet connection. Will contact them soon and find out if they are interested. and Maro will talk with Nosaltres to see the possibility to run a cvn there. In Thessaloniki there is a hackerspace collective, perhaps we can speak with them to see if they are interested in hosting a CVN

The minimal number of 15, should be covered without problems the point is to organize fast enough, for launching at beginning of october. The form for CVN will be in OCP, then each CVN will have presence in OCP and we will create a group for CVN there. We also are moving to make a collective buy of RaspberryPi to run the cvn

4. Funding and sustainability of local nodes Check this proposal here: /ca/groups/local-nodes/forum/topic/activation-funding-and-sustainibility-of-local-nodes/#post-11324

The idea is to build a general strategy, for boosting the local nodes. Enric suggested to prepare faircoop funds, and build a methodology for faircoin transfer to local nodes, based in the needs of the more involved people. This would be related to the economic stability of faircoin, that at same time we are working to happen with faircoin 2 and side launches this faircoins could be used in the local economy to boost them (like refugees are doing in thessaloniki), at same time that we are sure, that all the changes to euros can be done without problem.. So, the goal is to make faircoop nodes, sustainable communal cooperatives (communal cooperative, as the people who is involved with a lot of time, and is paid for that in equal bases in the local node) for 2017 and invest in them, until they are sustainable, for the freedomcoop and other projects, incomes… Having self sustained faircoop local nodes, can be an important reference for all the people close to faircoop (investors, activists interested in new nodes, etc…) should be an action that make for example integral cooperatives to be more interested in to host local faircoop nodes, as they discover that can create selfemployment for some of their members