Our PoE address: fN9Zto5yqNXAm6ZEvjRSBZzchv2v5WvCkq

Our FairCoin address: fQaM12e7VLe4i7DKSNEBZ2ZvcFJCQrefSU

You can exchange euros to FairCoins via ourPoE (only from 0€ to 100€)

If you want to exchange more than 100€, please chooseWire transfert

orTranfert via other cryptocurencies

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You can make a donation in faircoins to our LN fQaM12e7VLe4i7DKSNEBZ2ZvcFJCQrefSU

Bence, Bruno, Christophe, Dan, Flo, Gallo, John

We have a physical assembly once a month, the day depends on our respectively agendas. also the place depends. It can be at the office of one of the participants, in a bar, at a meetup, etc.

2018/02/01 Manifesto for the creation of LN Brussels

2018/02/22 Introduction of the participants

2018/03/27 Creation of the PoE

2018/05/08 Decision of making an event with interested coops

2018/06/26 Presentation of FairCoop to local coops

2018/07/16 1 participant of the first LN meets 1 participant of the new LN

2018/08-09 Break

2018/10/09 Define a Strategy

2018/11/26 Freeze

2018/12/07 Statement

2019/01/29 Welcome the new participant

2019/02/21 Reported