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Bilbao Local Node (Basque Country)

Bilbao (also known as Bilbo in basque language) is a city from north of Spain, in Basque Country.

Involved in Exchange office (POE), FairMarket, Bank of the Commons (BotC), Faircoin CVN, FairPay, FreedomCoop

Contact: bilbao@fair.coop

Chat group: https://telegram.me/joinchat/APQR6gEhviMzsba_dwsuwA

OCP Project profile: https://ocp.freedomcoop.eu/work/agent/121/

Participants: Santi, Yosu, Romain

Point of exchange

Our point of exchange is located in DDT shop at Muelle de Marzana 5, Bilbao La Vieja (http://ddtbanaketak.com/donde-estamos ) from 17:00 to 21:00


FairCoin Adress for Donations: fdQ7P2svtdMW62HWAh1bGZKWznNHvkGJTz