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Participants: sporos, luape, Daddy-O, nikbran, VirtusVirtutis

PoE, FairPay, FairMarket, FreedomCoop, Stargate, Fairspot, legal form: non-profit organization

  1. If an operational participant needs support in faircoin or euro we will provide if possible. We also talked about the possibility to distribute a small amount of faircoin to the LN members, perhaps 200/month.
  2. Buy 1/3 shares of StarGate.
  3. Resell items in FairSpot with a margin in faircoin.
  4. Buy with euro products from VIOME and exchange for faircoin at FairSpot.

August 30 2018

1.SummerCamp 2018 processed ideas

  • 1.1 Sustainability proposals Cryptocurrencies exchange: listing FairSpot or a group with any chosen name, on to websites, in order to promote these activities. The goal is to profit from exchanging fees so we can support the local node's expenses and PoE liquidity.

3.PoE planning.

  • 3.1 Proposing to compile an email to faircoin participants/merchants, motivating and boosting the need to circulate their faircoin instead of reaching the point to cashout in euro. We have to provide peers for this circular economy for them, as the issue is urgent, due to lack of liquidity. This will be a valid effort for 1 month, if results are not shown, we have to inform directly about the cashout situation.

4.Most are already supposed to be known, but we have to remind and/or decide specific definitions on our political methologies, assemblies, decision making. FairCoop principles and values are the core of our activities and functionality.

  • 4.1 The LN has to defend its autonomy and self-sovereignity in public and private, social media, tools, data etc. Thus, telegram admins have the right and obligation to ban trolls and people spreading misinformation.
  • 4.2 Three (3) people are enough for an assembly and decision making. Once annouced, the assembly will take place.
  • 4.3 Nobody can block an assembly with his/her absence. Physical participation is the least condition.
  • 4.4 Blocking a consensus needs justification and an alternative working proposal (explained and analyzed).

5.Remove use.faircoin ALN listings from komun map. We want to learn if they have sent an email to the merchants and what was the content. If no email was sent, then good, we do not want an email sent.