Letter to coops and merchants

In the working group we are preparing email approaches to cooperatives and merchants for accepting FairCoin and learn about FairCoop. The contacts should fulfill following criteria:

  1. Global outreach
  2. Affinity with FairCoop values and ethics

This Wiki is an introduction in the whole work and procedure of this group


We are a small working group of some people but we allways happy about new participants. We come regularly together in the telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/DC2bX0i7DRB0XchQeFMQpw, to talk about the ongoing work


https://org.fair.coop/projects/extension/contacts This is the Database of Redmine we use to organize the contacts and manage the sendings. This DB is in general for the most contacts of FairCoop. In our case we prepare our list of proposed aproachs and add in the database the contacts, which are not inside yet. All contact which goes in the database needs to be discused first. More information about the DB you find in the following guide.


Work procedure:

Goal is to send out 10 e-mails per week.

  1. Every Friday we hold a work meeting to decide about the next batch of recipients.
  • The priority/selection criteria should be:
  Global impact of collaborating with the group
  Scope or impact of the solutions the group could bring to the ecosystem
  Social change synergy possibilities derived from collaboration
  1. A final list of recipients is agreed at the weekly meetings.
  2. Each participants is assigned with a set of recipients (usually accroding to the languages (s)he knows) and needs to work on adopting the template letter (https://board.net/p/letter_to_collaborators ) to each recipient.
  3. The ones that are assigned to adopt the letters, should fill in any info of the recipient (address, tel, e-mail etc) on our DataBase https://ethercalc.org/FairCoop%20collaborations%20data%20base
  4. When each letter is ready, a link should be provided to the working group (usually pasted on the list below) for the rest to review and proofread.
  5. After all letters are done and reviewed, usually within 4-5 days, the one that is assigned to handle the e-mail account is sending out the letters. (access to the account may be given to any participant if needed, as responses may come to various languages also)
  6. At all time we coordinate through our chat group in Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/DC2bX0i7DRB0XchQeFMQpw

Also we should check the Inbox at least once a week and categorize any new proposal to the ethercalc. Inbox pad https://board.net/p/new_collaborations_proposals_inbox

Proposals and Final Selections of each week

1) http://www.fuorimercato.com/punti-fuorimercato/bari.html (food) lo_lo
2) http://www.cafe-libertad.de/shop/ (coffee) 
3) http://www.coopcampo.it (food) 
4) https://editionsdivergences.com/ (books) Flo
5) http://www.voyagespourlaplanete.com/ (ecology, tourism) Flo
6) https://theborrowedplanet.com/ (clothes) Flo
7) https://www.shopethica.com/ (clothes) Flo
8) https://www.honeystreethandmade.com/ (cosmetics) Flo
9) http://thezerowasteshop.co.uk (food) Michalis
10) http://www.fairchanges.com/  A marketplace verde pro humans rigths (Isa)
CE Assembly 23 Feb 2018


 1) https://www.sumawholesale.com/ (food) Michalis https://board.net/p/letter_to_Suma -> HOLD for review since a more personal    approach is recommended
 2) https://alternatives-et-autogestion.org/ (association) - Flo https://board.net/p/AlternativesEtAutogestion -> SENT
 3) https://www.denaisgazet.be/nais-shop (webshop, association) - Flo -> waiting for review of the template form the LN Amsterdam
 4)http://www.123rueroyale.be/ (Squat, food, transportation) - Flo https://board.net/p/123rueRoyale -> SENT
 5)http://www.agroecopolis.org       bethechange@agroecopolis.org   Hellenic Network for Agroecology, Food Sovereignty & Access To Land The founder Jenny  G. is also knows and  uses faircoin.  I propose for the foundation to accept faircoin as donation as they  will organize a special event next  November  (4th European Meeting and the 7th International Conference on CSA 9-11 / 11/2018 in Thessaloniki)  I am in  contact with them (Maria) -> better handled through Extension and prepare our LN participation there in the Agroecology group.
 6) https://www.colectivosolidario.org (arg coops collective...) -> Send it to argentinian group first for feedback
 7) https://www.aciamericas.coop/  (after some suggestions we could retake it)
 8) https://www.latelierpaysan.org/Contact-2079 (coop) - Better for Extension group 
 9)https://www.greencity.coop/ Michalis Green City Wholefoods are a worker CoOp located in Glasgow https://board.net/p/letter_to_GreenCity -> SENT
CE Assembly 9 Feb 2018
  1) https://www.etsy.com (onlineshop) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_to_etsy -> postponed for further feedback in CE group -> CANCELLED
  2) https://www.fairmondo.de/ (onlineshop coop) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_to_fairmodo_de -> SENT
  3) https://wfto.com/ (fair trade) lolo https://board.net/p/lette_to_wfto -> SENT ->Responded
  4) https://coopcycle.org/fr/ (delivery) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_to_cycle_coop ->SENT
  5) https://www.librairie-publico.com/ (books) Flo https://board.net/p/publico -> SENT
  6) https://www.eclioopower.be/ (energy) Flo https://board.net/p/ecopower -> forwarded to Amsterdam LN first
  7) https://www.triodos.com/ (finance) (already collaborating, mind think of a bigger collaboration proposal to them on behalf of FairCoop)
  8)https://viacampesina.org/en/  grassroots agriculture global organization (maria) -> forwarded to AgroEcology group for further research on specific producers that are collaborating there. https://board.net/p/letter_to_via_campesina
  9) https://gocoop.com (cooperative shops platform) Michalis https://board.net/p/letter_to_gocoop -> send it to LN India for review and translation
  10) https://littlegreenradicals.co.uk (clothes) Js https://board.net/p/letter_to_little_green_radicals -> SENT
  11) https://kanesis.eu (Tech) Michalis - https://board.net/p/letter_to_kanesis -> SENT
Group Meeting, 2 Feb 2018

Agreement 1) Wait for @MichalisK to propose a new letter for addressing to the merchants, after making some arrangements especially in the itroductory questions part. 2) Adopt that new letter for selections 4-10 3) In the mean time, @lolau and @AthensAlexander may work on a wider approach to write a letter to selections 1-3

1) https://www.ecogood.org/de/ (common wealth) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_ecogood (via extension)
2) https://www.syndikat.org/de/international/ (housing) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_to_mietssyndikat (via extension)
3)https://platform.coop/ (cooperativism) lolo https://board.net/p/letter_to_platform_coop (via extension)
4) http://www.laconquetedupain.fr/(bakery) Flo - https://board.net/p/lla_conquete_du_pain
5) http://www.la-petroleuse.com/ (books) Flo - https://board.net/p/la_petroleuse
6)'http://lamarqueduconsommateur.com/ (food, cooperatives) Flo - https://board.net/p/la_marque_du_consommateur
7) https://www.no-gods-no-masters.com/ (Flo) - https://board.net/p/no_gods_no_master
8) https://store.crimethinc.com/x/ Michalis - https://board.net/p/letter_to_CrimethInc
9) http://www.fairsquared.info/ Michalis - https://board.net/p/letter_to_FairSquared
10) https://freedompress.org.uk/ Michalis - https://board.net/p/letter_to_FreedomPress -> Forwarded to London LN first
CE assembly, 26 Jan 2018

= Final selection = 1) http://cooperativamarinaleda.es/ (Food) @juanselink https://board.net/p/letter_to_Cooperativa_Humar_-_Marinaleda 2) http://www.liberomondo.org/liberomondo/cms/ENG/login.html (Food) Michalis → This is almost exclusively Italian based, so maybe translate that letter to italian first → https://board.net/p/letter_to_LiberoMondo 3) https://www.foodnotbombs.net/new_site/index.php (Food) @juanselink https://board.net/p/letter_to_foodnotbombs 4) https://www.fairebel.be/ (Fairtrade Food) Flo https://board.net/p/fairbel 5) https://www.fairphone.com/en/ (Tech) Michalis Contact through their Forum, Base in Asmterdam so could link to LN → https://board.net/p/letter_to_FairPhone → Post is there https://forum.fairphone.com/t/faircoop-and-faircoin/37741 6) https://www.brasserie-illegaal.com/ (brewery to support art) Flo https://board.net/p/brasserie_illegaal 7) http://www.lapanterarossa.net/quienes-somos (social books) @juanselink https://board.net/p/letter_to_la_pantera_rossa 8) https://black-mosquito.org/ (clothes/acessories) Flo https://board.net/p/black_mosquito 9) https://www.altramoda.net/en/page/business-ethics (eco-friendly clothes) Michalis → https://board.net/p/letter_to_AltraModa 10) https://coopseurope.coop/about-cooperatives (coop organisation) Michalis → Addressing https://ica.coop/ instead as it is the international alliance → https://board.net/p/letter_to_CoopsEurope 11) https://www.polarstern-energie.de/eigenstrom/ (energy) lolo https://board.net/p/Polarstern_2 12) https://unser-ver.de/ (insurance) (agreed to be adressed to welfare group for elaborating a proposal) 13) https://www.aciamericas.coop/?lang=en (latin coops union) @juanselink (pending response from chile node as they are inside aciamericas)

CE assembly, 19 Jan 2018



1) https://www.el-puente.de/ 2) https://www.rapunzel.de/ 3) https://ideas.coop/ 4) http://www.co-operativefood.co.uk/ 5) http://equalexchange.coop/fair-trade 6) http://fairtrade.org.uk 7) https://www.mondragon-corporation.com/ 8) http://www.dwp-rv.de/cm/ 9) http://www.gepa.de/home.html

@A_a https://www.akpress.org This is a worker-run cooperative of publishing anarchist and radical books, in the US/UK world.

I would add a general thought, given the mapa success, focus on digital content and publishing, is also worthwhile as these groups understand what we are trying to do and have some background in theory, so might be more open to trying new ideas.

@juanselink - some are not commerce nor goods producers but social change movements, which repercute directly on economy though.. so letter should be addapted if we agree to approach any of them.. i see engagement with the faircoop movement and addopting faircoin as monetary emancipation tool by them would bring huge common benefits.

1) https://www.dhamma.org/ 2) http://keshefoundation.org 3) http://openhardware.science/ 4) https://bancaetica.lat/ 5) https://community-wealth.org 6) https://www.sonnenbatterie.de

Final Selection for 19 jan 2018