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 +### How to become a FairCoin chain admin
 +A chain admin must fulfill the following criteria:
 +* availability within days, in an emergency case within a day
 +* they need to co-sign within the block spacing time frame
 +* secure communication channel (now with pgp or Telegram, in future maybe via core wallet blockchain)
 +* technical skills for Linux terminal handling
 +* active in FairCoop network and in FairCoin community
 +* must have read the FairCoin White Paper latest version and be able to answer questions
 +* must be proposed by two people, who have to have met the new chain admin at least once in person (web-of-trust)
 +* should agree to values such as fairness, cooperation,​ circumspection,​ justice, equality, ecology.
 +If you think you would like to join as a node operator or a chain admin, do not hesitate to contact us at coop@fair.coop . Chain admins are not paid.